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The True Spirit of Business

How often do you feel like they appreciate you at your neighborhood grocery store, restaurant, dry cleaners, or bank?  Do you feel like anyone really acknowledges that the money you spend every week in these places is crucial to their own success?   Looking at this another way, how passionate are you about your own work?  Do you go out of your way to let others know that you appreciate and are dependent upon them?

Over the years, we seem to have moved away from being a society that exchanges and appreciates one another’s talents.  In fact, it feels as though many of us have abandoned consideration of our deepest talents altogether! Business is about money…for many people, life itself has become about money and survival.  What about talent…passion…purpose…appreciation…SPIRIT?

We all have Divinely inspired passions, the exact combination of which are as unique  to us as our fingerprint.  When we are operating in that space, negotiating it for no one, we can’t help but GLOW.  Our Spirit and our human side are ONE.  United, they are overwhelmingly fulfilled and brilliant!  What does this look like?  You’ve seen those rare individuals who glow in purpose, joy, and an innate giving nature.  I pray THAT IS YOU, but if not, rest assured in the knowledge that those people evidence your own possibilities.

Listen to those small voices that tell you your deepest Passions.  Trust in their Divine Origin and ability to provide for you abundantly.  Follow your deepest and most inspired Path.  Soon you will be glowing and giving and LIVING.

The best motivator to find and stay on this course is to seek out those around you whose glow is profound.  Keep company with these people, for now that they’ve found their Joy, they instinctively want to help you find yours.  This is not an exclusive club, but rather a more-the-merrier attitude.  Once we all choose to operate in the Divine Spirit of business and follow our true Path, we all win!

Yours In Spirit,

Sheryl Sitts

Founder & CIO, Journey of Possibilities

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