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The Trick to Loving Our Bodies

revolution-743467_1280The other day in the shower, I started noticing the critical thoughts flowing through my head about my thighs, the size of my stomach, a random jiggle here or there that didn’t used to be there, and about my body in general.  This was nothing new, but then suddenly my thoughts shifted.  Those that flowed through next helped me to really see and feel my body in a more loving way, and it is my hope they can help you in the same way.

Those of us with less-than-“perfect” bodies (as measured by the unattainable standards set forth in modern media) often find it difficult to admire the image reflected back to us in the mirror, something intensified by lower self-esteem.  Our eyes immediately focus on the parts of our bodies we believe to be less-than or undesirable, and soon our entire body image is vastly distorted from reality.  Even when we recognize that we are doing this, it doesn’t always help us know how to course-correct and begin to love our bodies.

Take a moment to really look back across the totality of your life, and ask yourself the following questions:

    1. What have you fed your body?  Have you yo-yo dieted or binged?  Now compare that to its optimum fuel, i.e. nutrient-rich vegetables and clean eating without chemicals or processed, artificial ingredients.
    2. What liquids have you consumed?  How do they compare with the only real liquid our bodies need to survive: water.  How does anything else you’ve drunk, from alcohol to caffeine to soda to fruit juices, compare with the 8-10 glasses (minimum) the body needs to function?
    3. How active have you been?  Have you led a pretty active life with your body, lovingly resting when needed and moving when muscles and blood flow required movement?  Did you push yourself to the point of unhealthiness with exercise trying to attain a body and/or image that is not your authentic self?
    4. Do you get the recommended 6-8 hours of sleep every night?  How well have you rested your body between pushing it to its limits?
    5. Is stress something you manage well with meditation, relaxation, and exercise?  Do you release that energy or force your body to remain in that fight-or-flight energy for long periods of time (something it is not at all designed for)?

Have you nurtured your skin over time with lotions and massages that keep it soft and fresh?  What about your feet?  Are you gentle but consistent in caring for them as they take you through the miles and miles of your life, or do you simply care for them cosmetically when they are on display in the summer?Can you think of other ways you have and haven’t loved your body?  Take a moment to consider this.

NOW…how miraculously has your body performed in spite of any neglect or abuse you may have given it over the years?  Would your wardrobe, car, or house fare as well if you treated them as randomly and contrary to what is recommended?

The human body is our ultimate ‘home’ and performs incredibly for us in spite of all we do to it.  Can we begin to see ourselves as unique, beautiful beings…truly, as miracles?!  Breathe that in a few times and really feel how loved you are by your body.  Now how can you help but begin to love it back with immense awe and gratitude?  Thus begins a journey into self-love.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities ~ Joyful, awakened, authentic living…naturally!

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