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The Spiritual Continuum



Fear/Stress/Busyness/Resistance                                Love/Peace/Stillness/Acceptance

Have you ever become so frustrated with a situation or relationship in your life that you threw up your hands and said something like, “OK God, I can’t do this anymore!”  Did you give it to God when you couldn’t take it anymore?  How did that feel?  Then what happened?  As it started to improve, did you find yourself slowly taking charge yourself again, as if to say, “Thanks God.  I’ve got it now”?  Maybe you just grabbed it back completely in one panicked moment and didn’t leave anything at all for God to manage?  Honestly, I can’t even remember how many times I have done this in my lifetime.

As I explore my own life as a Journey of Possibilities, I recognize our spiritual Journey as a Continuum.   When I am scared, stressed out, trying to stay busy, or resisting the flow of life, it’s a safe bet that I’m running the show.  I’ve even lost myself in addiction before so I didn’t have to see whatever I was avoiding.  At the other end of the spectrum, I know that feeling of being filled with love, serenity, and acceptance of everything just as it is, trusting God’s perfect Design and Order.  That’s the way my life feels when I put God in charge.

Whenever my life becomes unmanageable, as they say in the 12-step program, I surrender and let go…not of one thing, but of everything.  The moment I do, I instantly begin moving back across the Continuum.  Thankfully, God doesn’t have a waiting period!

If there is such peace in letting go, then why do we resist turning everything over to God? Boy, don’t we always want to be in charge!  We blindly trudge forth in busyness (often by losing ourselves in business), believing that even a little progress is better than the stillness of waiting on God.  However, any gains made this way always prove futile later against the grand Design.  When it is God’s Time for something to occur, all is manifested at amazing speed and often with much less effort on our part.

One way to check our status on the Spiritual Continuum is through daily prayer and meditation.  Give God a bit of your time, and consistently check your human urge to take control.  The sooner we surrender to God, the sooner we return to the flow of Divine Harmony.  Trusting that all is exactly as it should be brings amazing serenity no matter what is going on in this Earth School.

Sheryl Sitts

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