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The Secret to Knowing Which Life Path is Right for You (Hint: It’s Much Easier Than You Think!)

flower-573474_1280At this time of global awakening, many of us are driven to find the “right life” for us, identify our deepest passions and define our life purpose. It’s an exciting journey but also one that seems to continually lead to more possibilities! While I am all about possibilities, I also understand that feeling of wondering if we “got it right”.

I recently heard a beautiful Lightworker say, “Everything you are doing has meaning. Every connection is cosmic and important.”

My heart danced at the truth and impact of these words! I felt their universal power!  I believe we are all living our purpose right now with every breath, conversation, relationship and personal healing. There are absolutely no accidents.

So what if it is who we are being and not what we are doing that matters most?

From career to romance, to home to recreation, I believe we are already on our life path and are exactly where we are supposed to be.  Every interaction is Divine, cosmic, important, and mutually beneficial. What I mean is that not only are they all important, but they are all important for our own soul growth and for theirs! Ironically it is often those who frustrate us the most that also bring about our most transformational growth.

We are learning as much as we are teaching…in every moment, in every interaction?

I understand the compelling drive to pursue a deeper path and meaning in life.  I feel it too! It is just so beautiful to remind ourselves along the way that every moment of that pursuit IS our journey and IS incredibly meaningful right now…for us and for those we meet along the way.

As we go about our day today, let’s notice every relationship, no matter how casual, and see its beauty and significance in our lives.  Honoring the Divine in every 0ther and in ourselves, let’s allow the unfoldment of every cosmic connection in its perfection. Namaste.

In love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Founder

Journey of Possibilities ~ Joyful, awakened, authentic living…naturally!

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