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The Riches of a New Entrepreneur

bedA brand new entrepreneurial venture is much like a baby in the amount of attention and resources it requires.  Who in their right mind would quit their job to give birth?  How will parent and infant survive?  Exactly!  However, like many others I’ve met, my final push to launch into entrepreneurship was an unexpected layoff.  With a bit of money in savings, a voice inside of me said, “If not now, when?”

There’s nothing quite like the first couple of years adjusting to the absence of regular paychecks (particularly if single), living on our best efforts and a hefty dose of faith to pay the bills.  As an organized, now-recovering perfectionist, this about did me in!  I like to pay my bills early and have a neat, clean budget to make that happen.  Apparently these are the ideas that make God laugh and toss something a little different our direction, bringing our faith and gratitude back outside ourselves to Where it belongs.   Throughout that process, I continue to find myself navigating through new, ever-deeper forests of my own unique fears and insecurities.

KABOOM!  A early morning crack of thunder jolts me awake in the dark wee hours this morning.  The cats dive beneath the bed for security.  I pulled up the covers and sink into my comfortable mattress.  After having fallen asleep in another such forest last night, I suddenly found the Light again in that moment. I really FELT the comfort of my warm blanket, my soft mattress, the perfect temperature in my dry, lovely house, and my healthy body well sheltered from the storm.  A while later I arose and strolled through my modest home, complete with office for my new infant business, and felt how “me” the decor and energy is here, and how truly blessed I am.   What a beautiful little life I have!  How much I have to be grateful…DEEPLY grateful for!!!  How many are out in the rain?  Cold?  Hot?  Wet?  Hungry? Barely scraping by?  Oh yes, now to put on a cup of coffee with all the fixings.  Hot, freshly ground coffee.  What a rich woman I am!

As I enjoy my coffee, I go deeper into feeling the real riches of this entrepreneurial journey.  Doing what we love is the dream, yet the lack of guarantee that we will have x number of dollars by a certain date each month keeps many of us from ever taking that leap.  Ironically, that big old FAITH button we entrepreneurs find pretty quickly brings us back to this moment, and we become conscious again.   We begin to truly appreciate and treasure at an ever deeper level the millions of beautiful people and material aspects in our lives we’d too often taken for granted.  Often it isn’t until we break out of the 1st-and-15th money flow cycle that we wake up to what really matters to us, feel it, and appreciate it!

Worrying about paying the bills emphasizes lack, and there’s always more lack to worry about.  I’ve grown up around that, and ever the good student, I learned it well.  As soon as one bill is paid, rather than feeling the gratitude for paying it, we went on to worry about the next one.  How can one ever appreciate or feel anything BUT worry living like that?  Deprogramming myself from that is such a gift!

Truth is, real wealth is not an income level or credit score.  Real wealth is a slowing down to feel how well all of our needs…and many of our wants are being met.  That is quite simply GRATITUDE.  Furthermore, gratitude doesn’t happen in the future.  It happens in this moment, and that means we must slow down and be present in this moment to feel it. New entrepreneurship has taken me deeply into those riches, and the more comfortable I become experiencing life one moment at a time and fully feeling those moments, the more powerfully I co-create my most joyful authentic journey.  This is where gratitude, abundance, business…and yes, even money flows.


Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Founder

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Now in her second year of business, Sheryl is a successful single mother of a business that connects, inspires, and empowers holistic entrepreneurs to serve sustainably.  She is excited to offer her brand new step-by-step business development program Balancing Mission & Money.  Within the first 90 days, you’ll design a successful business together that emphasizes your unique dreams, strengths, goals, and personality…and get your first paying client!  You’ll work with Sheryl for six months to design and refine your business and work through challenges to ensure sustainability.

Sheryl is an intuitive Possibilities Coach with 20 years of small business management, marketing, and media experience, and a passion to help Lightworkers and holistic professionals / practitioners.  Contact Sheryl for a free consultation!

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