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The Rewards and Challenges of Karma

aaaaa8My tears flowed as my dear spiritual sister and Reiki master spoke the symbols into my chakras, initiating me as a Reiki practitioner yesterday.  Surrounded by flickering candles and an alter lovingly created for this ceremony, I felt the antiquity of our souls’ journey together.  At the same time, my soul whispered to me, “You made it.  You know now.  Let’s get it right this time.”

The past three years have shown me my soul’s journey through incarnations of indoctrination into and abuse of my positions as a spiritual student and leader.  I left a dark trail behind me and have spent some time atoning for that and learning from my mistakes across lifetimes to become the person I am now.  I am honored and deeply thankful for this opportunity to atone, to remember, and be alive at this special time of our planet’s history and awakening.  I felt guided to publish this while I’m in this emotional space to share my immense gratitude and commitment publicly and speak a moment about what I’ve learned about karma.

I will always regret any hurt I have caused but the guilt and shame from that no longer serves me or them.  I release that and pledge to live a life that properly honors my lineage, my karma, and my soul.

karma“Karma’s a bitch,” I’ve heard it said.

Yes, sometimes it’s harsh.  Even in this weekend of rich blessings and rewards, I have other areas of my life that are painful (just as we all do here in Earth School).  It’s hard to understand when the heart wants something so strongly but another invisible force seems to pull us farther away the harder we try.  Ultimately all we can do is realize that it is not ‘what is’  but our resistance to ‘what is’ that causes all of our pain and suffering.  Who knows if it is karma playing out or our Higher selves and spirit guides showing as an ultimately better direction?  Either way, ours is to learn to trust, accept, allow, and be with ‘what is’ in each moment.  Yes, some are easier than others. Such is the human soul journey, and the magnificence of our role in loving ourselves and each other through it.

Namaste and much love to you, my fellow traveler.

Sheryl Sitts, Founder, Journey of Possibilities

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