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The Real Power of “Holding Space”


Spiritual, New Age and metaphysical enthusiasts seem to have our own language which is occasionally referred to as ‘woo woo’.  I am one who likes to be grounded, and my playful boyfriend and I often use this language with humor.  We have joked about ‘holding space’ for one another (when we are about to go into a process) by cupping our hands together and teasing, “I’m holding space for you.”

If we feel particularly powerful that day, we may only use a fingertip.  Honestly we mean no disrespect.  We are simply wondering at the infinite, powerful beings, capable of holding infinite space and channeling infinite energy, asking others to hold space.

This past weekend, I discovered ‘holding space’ in a new way at a Seaside Shamanic Practices Retreat I helped to facilitate. (If you’d like to be on my mailing list for invitations to these private events, please contact me HERE.)  During one of my most profound experiences, a man stood with me and embodied/modeled the sacred masculine in a very strong way.  I felt his true strength and it helped me go within my own energetic field and align into my true sacred feminine energy.  I had an amazing kundalini activation and we explored this energy and played with various levels of surrender together for several minutes standing there face-to-face (fully clothed, if you wondered) with one hand over each other’s heart looking into each other’s eyes.  It was an incredible experience that revealed to me where I have been lying to myself, hiding, and/or blocking my energy in my relationship.  All of this emerged from simply standing together and “holding space” by holding the energetic frequency of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and uniting mind (thought/intention), body (present, feeling and responsive) and spirit (consciousness).

After years on this path, I have a renewed understanding and appreciation for the expression “holding space”.  I recall others who have come to ceremonies and events in the past and embodied the containment, safety, and positive energy for that event within themselves.  The whole atmosphere shifts when they arrive and preside.  I am so grateful for them!

In this day and age, we often go in opposite directions within ourselves.  Our minds are in one place and our bodies are in another and so on.  The power of holding unified space for one frequency is palpable.  The first step is presence.  “Holding space” then is presence directed and amplified.


Much love and Light,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Speaker, Coach & Practitioner

Founder, Journey of Possibilities  ~ I catalyze (to cause or accelerate movement) and connect you with conscious community. 

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