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The Power of Pausing: Stepping Away to Restore Clarity and Flow

pause-2348967_960_720This year, I have noticed how the energy in my home, business, romantic relationship, and health (from eating healthy to exercising) all feel “stuck”.  In a recent breathwork ceremony carrying the intention for clarity around my stagnation, I immediately saw the power of pausing…taking a break to step into a different environment for a bit and then returning with fresh energy and perspective.  Could I really do that?  Actually, why haven’t I considered it before? I have been so busy trying to shift everything into place that I have not considered letting go of how I want it to look to step back, shift my energy, and ALLOW…to really go with the flow!

I am spending the coming months digitizing family photos, selling possessions, renting out or selling my house, storing a closet full of possessions for a month or two and going where I can use my talents and energy to make a difference while restoring myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically in nature.  I invite the Universe with gratitude to surprise and delight me with the perfect, magical solutions that facilitate all of this.  I know I will emerge with crystal clarity to again live “in the flow” as I reset and allow.  This is the power of pausing. 

Of course I feel some guilt about letting some people down, and that’s my good little codependent showing up right on cue.  I have trepidation about my life partnership: will we be closer afterwards or choose to continue evolving on separate paths?  I’m nervous about my largest client/contract: will we work through this or must our arrangement terminate?  What about our digital magazine?  The podcast?  I can easily become overwhelmed with all the logistics.   I’m simultaneously terrified and excited about what lies ahead, and yet ironically my energy is no longer “stuck”.  I know this is my right next step and I will be my own best friend for this journey, taking better care of myself and loving myself through it.  Ironically, that will enrich the love and presence I have to give others, too!

How’s your 2017 progressing?  Are you feeling “stuck”?  Facing big shifts and questions in your life?  Can you let go and give yourself a powerful pause so the answers can become clear?  Can you release attachment to what you want to discover your truth, your Highest and best good?  Namaste and much love to you in the unfoldment of your Journey of Possibilities!

In gratitude and love,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Coach, Practitioner, & Community Builder
Founder, Journey of Possibilities featuring live events, weekly shows, and a quarterly digital magazine

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