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The Magic Freezer Experiment (Create More of What You Want in Life)

Recently my friend and I joked that her freezer has magical properties.  Whenever we need put something in there, it seems there’s just enough space.  The minute we remove something,  everything immediately expands to fill that space.  It seems to try and maintain some equilibrium to appear full all the time.

Isn’t life like that?  If we have two weeks to get something done, it takes two weeks.  If that gets cut down to just two days, it miraculously takes us only two days.   If we are happy just to get by in life, we continue having just enough.  However, when we expect more, we magically get more.  There’s always a state of fullness about it, but what it’s filled with varies in quality.  We use this “magic” every day to maintain an equilibrium in our own life, but not often enough to expand our possibilities.

Let’s pick an area of our life in which we crave change and conduct a Magic Freezer Experiment.  That space (career, romance, health, or if you’re at the same place in your journey as I am, possibly nutrition and exercise) is already full of excuses, problems, conflict, anger, lack, fear, pain, and whatever else we’ve been storing in there.  Let’s start replacing some of those things, one at a time, with exactly what we do want in there.  We can’t let that illusion of equilibrium or no-room-for-change fluster us.  There will always be just enough space to hold whatever amazing new realities we can create!   We must trust that every rewarding possibility will fit perfectly and stretch our expectations while gratefully receiving our extraordinary results.

Please let me know how your Magic Freezer Experiment works out!  Thank you for joining me in considering life as a Journey of Possibilities.

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, Transformation Coach & Communication Expert, Journey of Possibilities Founder

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