One of our guest bloggers, Annie Wilson, PhD recently lost her husband and soul mate.  If you’ve ever lost a deep, true love, her latest blog article below will resonate!  Annie, thank you for sharing your journey and please allow our love and Light to help carry you through this difficult time. ~ Much love and gratitude,Sheryl Sitts, Journey of Possibilities Founder & Director



Each time I share a post about my grief process, I receive well-meaning comments encouraging me to trust that Doug is with me, is proud of me or is okay.  The thing is, I already “know” that.  Very often I can sense Doug’s nearness and I’ve received messages from him, which I cherish.

What feels the most painful to me in this moment is not my mind’s understanding of where or how Doug is, but rather something that I don’t think most people talk about, or maybe even think about – it is my body’s experience of loss, the profound absence of my body’s favorite companion.

When Doug and I first lay beside each other, I actually “felt” every cell in my body release a sigh of contentment.  I had never experienced anything like it before.  It felt as if my skin recognized Doug’s skin and the subtle pressure of our sides leaning against each other inspired a sensation of, “Ah, there you are.”

Each of us had been single, intentionally, for more than five years.  We’d focused on our personal healing and imagined we were preparing to meet someone with whom we would enjoy the quality of love that we had yearned for in previous relationships.  This…         (CLICK HERE TO VISIT ANNIE’S BLOG and read the rest of this article)

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