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The Best Driver

Have you ever found a ding on your car and wondered how it got there?  Welcome to my world.  Actually I have many.  Mine aren’t parking lot dings…unless I put them there myself!  It’s actually become a joke with my friends.  The brutal truth is that I’m not the best driver.  I may not harm others on the road, but I don’t drive as slowly or carefully as I could. I enjoy driving and tend to get in my own world behind the wheel when no one else is around.  I’m careful of other people and vehicles, but inanimate objects don’t fare as well.  I’ve jumped plenty of curbs and am generally rough on my poor little car.  I always think I’ll fix the dings but I never really get around to it.  My rear brake light has been burned out for a few…weeks (ugh!)…and it’s obviously not real high priority.

The other day I realized I drive my own life about as haphazardly.  Unlike my car, my life can look great on the outside while feeling very different on the inside.  The dings are on the interior!

When I fail to surrender the wheel driving my life to the Divine to receive the best dreams, visions, and Journey for me, things are  not pretty.  Despite doing all the right things, I have way more than my necessary share of curb jumping, internal light burnout, etc.  Nothing flows, and it is a lot of work.

Surrendering my life to receive and follow a Divine vision from within brings order back to the chaos.  My relationships, career, health, goals, and life finally fall into place.  Even when obstacles (curbs) manifest,  another (drive)way is revealed and flow resumes.   By getting out of my own brain and need for control through prayer and meditation, the right answers, people, opportunities, and resources that I have been searching for will suddenly appear.

I may not have a choice about needing to drive my car, but thankfully I’ve surrendered the wheel in my life to a very skilled Chauffeur.  I have reminders to routinely check myself and make sure I haven’t taken control of the wheel again.  After all, my car is replaceable, but this is the only life I get.   Have you given any thought to Who is driving yours?

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