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The Authentic Entrepreneur’s Bumpy, Beautiful Journey

algarve-221800_640Don’t they make success look easy?  Those people in magazines, on TV and the internet, and who we meet networking in our community?  Many even promise they can make it easy for you, too.  Easier?  Maybe.  Easy?  Doubtful.

To truly “be the voice, not an echo”  (Peter Sprankle) is to launch a business and life around your deepest passions, background, and experiences, and create a road where none exists.  I call it being ‘Youniquely Divine’.  You’re a trailblazer!   We may be able to benefit from mistakes and lessons of others, but our own soul growth takes us through experiences we need to grow and to better serve others.

Yes, despite what others allow you to see in their talks and writings, the road to success if paved with ‘failures’.  Boy don’t I know that one!  I see the richest and most successful people in the world admit it and share those stories after they have reached a level of success where they don’t care anymore if it tarnishes their egos or not.  Thankfully some are being open before then, allowing the rest of us to see that we’re not alone in the struggles of our journeys.  Those who claim it is so easy anybody can do it and don’t talk of the challenges along the way are teaching theory without having walked the talk.

It takes immense courage to follow our dreams and forge a brand new path around our Divine uniqueness.  Our egos get bruised and battered a lot along the way of the heart, yet that only enhances our value.  As we begin to achieve the deep happiness our hearts believed lie ahead,  our egos suddenly aren’t so important.   Thankfully, the bumps and bruises our egos suffered along the journey strengthen our understanding and compassion for others, and our understanding that they must experience their own lessons as they are forged into their own potential.  We can simply love one another through it.

Today I salute you who stumble along the path of authenticity, going deeper into the unknown and your own vulnerability and truth.  I encourage you whose burning passion has you on the brink of jumping off a cliff of comfort/security into the unknown realm of possibility.  I send you love as you bounce through those hard lessons, and assure you that all is exactly as it should be for the Highest Good; ask what lessons these experiences can teach you and stay the course!  Soon enough, you will find that first air current that sweeps you up into the joy of your truth, and you feel all you trusted your heart to discover.  The air currents feel even better after all those bumps, and yet we remember the bumps as we compassionately inspire and empower others forward.  Trust the journey.  The depths of satisfaction and pure happiness ahead are indescribably beautiful!

Namaste and much love to you,
Sheryl Sitts, Founder
Journey of Possibilities ~ Peace, purpose, and passion…naturally!

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