Tonya Dawn Recla-The 5 Steps of Transformation GraphicThe path to personal POWER necessarily requires transformation. In order to Stand in Your POWER you must be able to move away from where you don’t.

Those in personal development circles debate the intricacies of true transformation. And few know better the multidimensionality of human behavior than a former counterintelligence agent with degrees in intercultural communication and critical theory. But here it is, the absolute secret of transformation. Ready for it??

The secret is…

It doesn’t matter. Really it doesn’t. People transform constantly, despite our quest to define it, describe it, control it, guide it, and explain it. People transform because they want to. They perceive the altered state to be better for them or necessary for them and so they persevere through the change process. It’s that simple.

But I’m going to share my knowledge about it anyway. Why? Because there’s value in sharing experiences. There’s value in understanding the process others go through and can articulate about because it gives us a frame of reference. And there’s absolute value in following in the footsteps of someone who walks ahead of you on a path similar to yours. As long as the beacon leads you in a direction you want to go, follow it.

So for those of you who resonate with my view of the world, here it is:

Step 1: In order to transform, the first step is for your spirit to see the vision of what’s possible. This doesn’t have to reach conscious thought, it simply has to be known to your spirit.

Step 2: The next step is for your mind to understand it’s possible. This is where you battle programming and socialization on a cognitive level.

Step 3: The third step is for the emotional body to feel the shift. This is where the majority of people get stuck. Sometimes our emotional triggers run so deep and are so pervasive that it’s difficult to get control of them. Most of my clients come to me because of this step. The spirit is willing, the mind is ready, but the emotional body clings to fears and reactions that keep the transformational process thwarted.

Step 4: Once the emotional body is mastered in Step 3, the rest is smooth sailing. This step requires processing change through the cellular memory of the physical body. Usually once the spirit, mind and emotional body are on track, the physical body follows with little resistance. When resistance is encountered it can be resolved with energy work.

Step 5: This is the long-awaited step that, ironically, usually feels anticlimactic. Once your spirit, mind, emotional and physical bodies KNOW the transformation is real, evidence shows up in your world. But by this time, the change is accepted as truth and the spirit has moved on to the next ascension process…back at Step 1.

And there you have it. Think about how you transform and if this resonates with you, you’re welcome to it. If it helps you get unstuck and closer to standing in your personal POWER, use it. Because…

Those who stand in their personal POWER powerfully serve.TDR

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