valentineNow that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner it is time to get going on a unique gift or a unique and creative way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. I think most of us stall on unique and creative valentine ideas and gifts because we have not been given any suggestions to get our creative juices following. The point of this article will be to stimulate you to come with some great ways to show your loved one that they are really loved and appreciated.

FIRST – Try the rain-x message routine. This is actually one of my favorite ones. Simply take some rain-x or other anti-fogging spray and spray the mirror that always gets fogged up with someone takes a shower. While the fluid is still wet take a Q-tip and write a romantic message into the fluid. Let dry and watch the results. When your loved one steams up the mirror with the shower on Valentine’s Day they will see the message standing out on the mirror. This one is usually guaranteed to surprise and please.

SECOND – Go to the store and buy some sidewalk chalk. Slip out in the evening and write a message/valentine on the sidewalk, porch or driveway for your loved one to see in the morning. Since it will wash off their will be no harm done to the concrete.

THIRD – Have a star named after your loved one. This is a really a unique gift. You will get a map of the location of the star and be able to view it and show it to your loved one.

FOURTH – Rent a motel room and have dinner brought in as room service. You can take your own champagne, flowers, or chocolates or have those delivered to the room with the meal or ahead of time. This one is sure to please.

FIFTH – Take your gift and put it in a gift bag. Then tie the bag to the garage door handle. When your loved one comes home and hits the remote to lift the door the gift will be pulled up and dangling in front of their eyes. This is a great way to deliver the gift.

SIXTH – Do a bed turndown for them. Go to your local flower shops and get some rose petals. Sometimes you can even get these for free or simply buy a rose or two and tear off the petals. Turn the bed covers down and sprinkle the rose petals on their pillow. Lay a chocolate mint or some other chocolate treat on the pillow. They will appreciate the thought.

SEVENTH – Set up a romantic picnic on the living room floor. Turn on some romantic music and enjoy some gourmet picnic treats with some wine and chocolate/cheesecake/candies etc for dessert. Port wine goes great with the chocolate. Turn down the lights or have some candles burning nearby. Of course, if weather permits then have the picnic outdoors this Valentine’s Day. Could follow the picnic with a romantic movie.

EIGHTH – On Valentine’s Day call his/her favorite radio station and have their favorite song dedicated for them. Then call them at work and tell them to turn it on listen at the appropriate time. If this doesn’t work then record the dedication and play it back for them later in the evening.

NINTH – Buy or make up a themed gift basket. These are very easy to do. You can make one around their favorite hobby such as knitting, sewing, golfing, fishing, barbequing, cooking, spa comforts (bath crystals, bath salts etc). This is really a unique way to show them that you understand what they like and it will be sure to please.

TENTH – Have a surprise Valentine’s Day party for them. There will be a lot of people this year that would enjoy going to a Valentine’s Day party since Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year. The party can be easily themed and a lot of fun for all involved. If done by the gal simply asks the gals that you invite to help out with the planning and setup. Same thing is true if the guys are planning the Valentine Day party.

So I hope that I have stirred some imagination in you for this Valentine’ Day. Go to my web site (link listed below) and get some other thought provoking creative valentine ideas and valentine gift ideas. Nice thing also is that some of these can be done at the last minute for all of you who procrastinate to the very end. Anyway have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year.

About the Author:  For more free creative valentine ideas go to and be ready with a unique and creative idea for this Valentine’s Day. No need to do the same old tired gifts.

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