hands-21052_640The Tarot has experienced a revival in the past two decades and is becoming quite popular for last two decades. There are now dozens of decks to choose from, representing various themes from Egyptian and Celtic to Native and Feminist. Although researchers have tried for years to pinpoint the origin of Tarot, but they are still unsure who created the first deck. According to a popular belief they were in use long ago as 1300 years in Italy. It is believed that during late 1700’s and into the early 1800’s Eliphas, Levi , a Catholic Priest , writer and teacher created the basis for most popular Tarot cards which are still in use today.

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards and each of its cards carries a message common to humanity. Tarot readers can use these cards to connect to your energies for a reading. To many people Tarot reading has different aspects and people often have mistaken idea that Tarot reading can help them in finding objects, people, tell a date or name of their soul mate but Tarot can do none of these things. A Tarot reading can tell you about events that could possibly happen if you make changes in your path. It can help you to enlighten your life and with this you can learn a lot of things and grow as a person. It can drive you to accomplish your goals and ambitions in life.

You have needs and wants in life and you can gladly pursue them after experiencing tarot card reading. Certainly tarot card reading won’t provide magical solution to all your problems instead it helps you to take necessary steps to help yourself in making right decisions. It offers suggestions and possible outcomes but it never predicts but forecasts, that is changeable due to a lot of variables because future is never set or concrete. On the other hand if you don’t like the outcome you can often change it by taking whatever steps are needed to do things differently and get things turn around to offer more favorable outcome. The most important thing about tarot card is that it fills your heart with confidence and help to empower you to take responsibility for your decisions and make right choices in your life and changes in life you want to make. It invites you to honestly look at your situation and making right choices in life and avoid unfortunate events to make your life more satisfying.

A tarot card reading can guide you in relationships, money matters, making good decisions, find satisfactory answers to your questions and queries and gain clarity and understanding about yourself and a situation. Enjoy this new tool and find new perspective in difficult situations of your life.

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Aradhya Sharma is a simple, down to earth person, living life with spiritual and divine guidance. It was my karma to be born in this present form with this precious gift and I use this to help people. To know more visit uae.tanyatarot.com.

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