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Symbols: A Conversation With The Divine

deer-53185_640As I ask for help with my relationship and healing specific old wounds, ants (animal medicine representing building) show up in my master bathroom (my romance area in the feng shui of this home).  A few weeks later, with no change in climate or addressing of the ant situation on my part, I shift focus to balancing my feminine and masculine energies and the ants are almost immediately replaced by spiders building nests and deer start showing up in my yard (both strong symbols of feminine and unconditional love).  A rabbit jumps out in front of my car and I drive home and I discover how that enriches my re-balancing.

Animal medicine has long been believed to support our own growth, balance, and adaptation to living in this world.  Nature has this mastered and we humans have much to learn in aligning with all our potential amidst the many distractions we’ve created with the mind.

Another friend focuses on learning to speak up more, and suddenly blue jays start showing up on his patio…the totem for throat chakra and voice.  A particular gemstone, book, or object becomes quite interesting for me, only to discover it holds the next ‘key’ to my life path. “Coincidences” (synchronicities are well explained in The Celestine Prophecy) repeat as if to tell us something, and later we realize how prophetic they were!

A spider actually bites my side and I’m told to look at the meridian point where I was bitten.  It’s SP 16 – the spleen/sacral chakra.  This has ties directly to my current digestive ailments, money manifestation challenges, and sexual healing.  They’re all connected?!  What I learn begins to almost immediately shift every one of these areas.

Intuition guides me to talk to a stranger who says something directly relevant to my life and current path.  Isn’t all of this far too much to be coincidence?

How often we pray and then miss half the answers we’re given.  Our angels, spirit guides, and Creator lovingly support us in millions of ways that involve all of life on this planet, and we can learn so much by awakening to this.  Indeed, all of life is a message for us and a dance with us.  Why then don’t we dance, pay attention to symbols, treasure ‘coincidences’, and stop killing the insects that show up as medicine?  Ironically, as soon as I begin thanking them for their medicine and looking at what they want to teach me, they move along without any action on my part at all!  (I live in the country, so that’s saying a lot.)

Look at what you’re attracting.  Notice how life behaves around you.  Read about how nature that shows up in your life and see what you might learn from it.  Notice recurring patterns and consider the messages they may hold.

Life is a magical interactive tapestry we weave with the Divine.  The more conscious we become of all we attract and celebrate the conversation of life, the more we’ll grow in joy and consciousness.

Want help learning about symbolism and incorporating it into your life?  Contact me.  I’d love to help!

Much love and gratitude,
Sheryl Sitts, Founder
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