chard-163105_640Superfoods do not generally have a definition and are normally considered as those foods which are rich in nutrition values and contain a variety of different nutrients. These nutrients are in the form of proteins, fibers, multivitamins and minerals and antioxidants which help in the promotion of growth of one’s body and protect it from various ailments and diseases. Superfoods have the ability to induce energy in one’s body and bring many positive influences to one’s mind and approach towards life. Superfoods are also a great source of different anti-oxidants and essential nutrients and are found in green vegetables, seaweeds, fruits and nuts. Let’s have a look into some of the most loved and nutritious superfoods.

  1. Goji Berries: These are among those Superfoods that are rich in Vitamin C and also contains vitamins, B1, B6, E, B6 along with 21 minerals and 18 traces of different amino acids which makes it a great health promoter and a true superfood. They are also rich in proteins and antioxidants are known to slow down one’s aging process.
  2. Coconuts: Electrolytes in one’s body are found in cells and are responsible for transporting energy to its various organs and parts. Coconut juice is very rich in such electrolytes and drives energy in your body. Coconut water is among some of the best superfoods because of the reason that human blood plasma features the same structure of molecules as is found in coconuts and this causes the instant utilization of energy by the body.
  3. Acai Berry: These superfoods are again rich in anti-oxidants which prevent aging and drive growth of body cells. The concentration such anti-oxidants found in Acai berry is almost 10 times greater than red grapes. They are also rich in fibers and monosaturated fats which are beneficial in promoting digestion and aliment of various stomach diseases.
  4. Green Leafy Vegetables: They are the most easily available source of superfoods which are known to supply instant protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins such as K, C and A. They also contain magnesium, iron and folic acid and are rich in Chlorophyll which is known to drive oxygen and magnesium to our body cells. Lettuce, spinach, watercress and other green salad items if used with food prevent heart diseases, cancer and also clean your liver from various viruses and improve the overall working of your immunity system.
  5. Whole Grains: These superfoods are known to be rich in Fiber, Iron, Vitamin B and Vitamin E. These superfoods when included in your diet prevent heart strokes, digestive disorders, cancer, Diabetes. Brown rice, oats, wild rice, Quinoa and millet are included in the class of whole grains.

Similarly different oily fishes serve as great superfoods which contain different omega 3 fats and are a good source of vitamin D. They also promote muscle growth and immunity system and prevent depression, heart strokes and some other diseases. There are many other Superfoods that have their distinct and wide variety of benefits and using them in a combination as your diet plan is a step towards a disease free healthy body.

About the Author: Mishael Aarons is a writer.

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