My Story

I’m Teresa Maron, and as a Holistic practitioner, I am concerned about the effects of stress on our bodies and in our lives.  I want to share with you a new and highly effective approach.

I became interested in Energy Medicine, about 10 years ago, and was amazed at how good these techniques made me feel. Every session was like starting with a clean slate, completely cleared of stress.  It became very important to my quality of life, by teaching me to handle stress, and choices in a whole new way. I began to notice immediately when I became stressed, and to process it consciously.  This in turn helped me to understand where my stress was coming from, and how it was affecting my health, happiness and ability to succeed.

My Mission Statement

Healing our symptoms in the Energy field before they can manifest in the physical body, is the most self empowering form of preventative care.

Since I became Professionally Certified, and started a practice in Houston Texas, I have noticed something through working with hundreds of people that we all have in common.

Teresa Maron - Stress and Our lives GraphicOur only enemy is stress.

You see Energy Healing addresses all the energy systems in the body, including Meridians, the Subtle Body, also called the auric field, as well as Chakra Centers.  As a practitioner I was able to see that all the problems and struggles in life are caused by blockages or unhealthy energy patterns in the auric field. The physical symptoms, bad habits or life patterns occur only after it is first seen in the Energy fields. I find this the most exciting health and wellness development of our time, as traditional Medicine and these Holistic techniques go hand in hand to create opportunities for each of us to take more control of how we feel.

What are Chakras?

The Chakras are 7 energy centers that are located up and down your spine, and can both send and receive energy. They each correspond to your organs, endocrines and parts of your body. They are affected by relationships, situations, events and your emotional reactions. Stress can cause them to shut down, causing you to experience a numb reaction, or to become too open, causing a hyper affect. You are said to be “Balanced” when all chakra centers are at neither of these extremes, working together to keep you healthy.

The cause of all disease is stress.

Our bodies regenerate new cells about every 21 days. As we become more positive, remove more stress from our lives and feel more Joy, we create better cells. We can reverse the signs of aging and heal disease by creating better cells faster than we create sub standard ones. Being aware of our chakra system, and what part of the body each represents, keeps you conscious of the process of creating better cells. What could be a better way to live?

Chakras can blocked or overstimulated. Feeling blocked is never a good feeling, but you usually know when you are stuck. Overstimulated can be just as bad, losing your precious energy through out of control dramas, caused by lack of personal and professional boundaries.  Chakra Balance is the first step in Energy work.

Are You Balanced?

I have developed a 45 minute online class called the Energy Balance Check Up, that teaches you my System of Chakra Balance. This can reverse the signs of aging and reverse the symptoms of disease by teaching you to Create Better Cells.

Visit to learn more, and find out today, Are You Balanced?

Teresa Maron PicTeresa Maron, CBP, ARP, SNHS, is a Houston based Energy Practitioner available for private sessions, classes or speaking to your group, about the subjects she is passionate about.  She hosts a weekly radio show, Gems of Wisdom, with a theme of Healing ourselves, our community and our planet.


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