aloe-vera-197383_640In fact, Diabetes Mellitus is classified in Ayurveda as ‘Madhu Meha’, or sweet urine, as sugar is often passed through urine in this disease.Scientifically, Causes of Diabetes are due increased blood sugar due to lack of insulin, or lack of the human body\’s responsiveness to insulin.

This leads patients to frequently pass urine, as well as requiring more food and water to compensate for the sugar being leached from their system.

The Ayurvedic treatment of Diabetes

And, just like other ancient remedies, the Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes takes a holistic approach to the disease, addressing the Causes of Diabetes, as well as the lifestyle changes that can begin the healing process.

The Ayurvedic treatment of Diabetes follows a prescribed diagnosis of analyzing the body types (as classified in Ayurveda), and recommending solutions that can alleviate these conditions. Ayurvedic treatments are as precise as considering even the temperature of the foods you eat.

Balancing Sugar

As diabetes results from an excess of sugar, the Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes recommends the consumption of bitter foods to balance this out. These include bitter melon and gourd. Additionally, amalaki, for its ability to nourish the body\’s Vitamin C, and protect cell damage from the free radicals unleashed by the high sugar, requirement is also advised.

The human body digests carbohydrates by processing them to sugar for energy. Aloe, which is considered a super herb for its many healing properties is another ingredient in the diabetes treatment program, recommended for its ability in reducing the speed of carbohydrate absorption.

The Power of Cinnamon

While cinnamon is universally recommended as a powerful remedy to check issues of blood sugar, A species of fragrant cinnamon native to India differs from the kind used in the Western world\’s cinnamon used in baking. The Indian cinnamon, used in Indian cuisine is more potent in addressing blood sugar issues. On the other hand, ordinary cinnamon is also good, as a pinch makes your coffee more flavorful, reducing the need for sugar.

Killing the Sweet Tooth

Another herb renowned around the world for its ability to kill the sensation of sweetness is Gymnema sylvestre, or as it is known in India, Gurmar. This effectively checks the ‘sweet tooth’ tendency that a lot of diabetes patients suffer from.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Diabetes: Holistic Nature

While these foods have shown remarkable ability to supplement a diabetic\’s lifestyle and medicinal needs, they are more effective with Ayurveda\’s comprehensive grasp of the illness.
These include a variety of detox therapies to enhance the body\’s ability to expel them by increasing circulation. These include massage, addressing the issue of toxins in the stomach, and a variety of massages, followed by consumption of herbal medicines to purge the body.
This is followed by rejuvenation techniques to bring back the body to its natural state after the Ayurvedic treatment has been completed.

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