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Start Creating More Time and Money In Your Life NOW!


Do you have an automatic response whenever life presents you with invitations and opportunities?  Small or large, do you go straight to not having enough time or money?  It may sound like, “I’m really busy…I can’t make that” or “I just don’t have the money right now”.  Not enough time.  Not enough money.  Do you perpetuate a life of lack?

I enjoy sharing my journey to open space for others to see themselves in my experiences and also have shifts.  I have shared a great deal about my history with money, from scarcity and childhood bankruptcy in this lifetime to abuses of money and power in past lives.  My default responses have, therefore, involved lack of money.  As I again work with coach Oge Okosieme in a group program, I am uncovering a deeper core philosophy that has fueled my stories: an unconscious us-vs-them perspective concerning socioeconomic status.  I made the “danger zone” into “them” and my comfort zone into “us”.  This holds me back in so many ways as an entrepreneurial change agent! Now that I see it, everything is beginning to shift.


Whether our story involves not enough time or not enough money, we develop habitual automatic responses that resemble those in my opening paragraph above.  Nice and socially acceptable, they go almost unnoticed as we reject opportunity after opportunity in favor of staying in familiar patterns.  Never mind that our “comfort zone” has become damned uncomfortable and we’re desperate to break free!

Our biggest dreams and goals must necessarily bring us face-to-face with layer upon layer of our shadow beliefs and self-defeating thoughts.  Only by getting real with ourselves, paying attention to our inner dialogue, and rewriting our stories consciously can we step into higher frequencies of potential and embrace opportunities that arise.  We won’t shift our vibration WHEN we achieve our dreams, we shift our vibration TO achieve our dreams.

It starts with awareness.  Are we paying attention to our self-talk?  Are we continuing to ask what’s underneath our beliefs and responses?  Are we noticing how we respond when life presents opportunities and possibilities?  Are we asking for Divine support in creating time / money for new opportunities that resonate for us? Our bank balances and calendars are the manifestation of past choices.  To change how they look tomorrow, we must first change the decisions we make today.

I send you much love and Light to you on this shared Journey of Possibilities.


Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Coach & Practitioner

Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Joyful holistic living through conscious communication and connection is a journey that begins within.

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