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Spiritual Lessons / When Others Let Us Down

This month I seem to be experiencing death and loss. Like other challenging times in my life, this is when I see who I can count on to be there for me…and who I can’t.  It is delightful when those I least expect show up with loving kindness and support, not so much so when those I think I can count on are noticeably absent.  As I pondered that this morning, I had a visitor.

birds-1416715_640A crow noisily landed in my front yard and began walking around squawking.  Soon another joined, and the first bird said something to the second which sent him wandering off across the street.  The second continued cawing so loudly that I went in search of this powerful bird’s animal medicine.  I quickly realized some relevant truths for myself.

When those I love disappoint me, it is a great opportunity for me to realize that I’ve placed expectations on them.  I believe I’m here to evolve into a human with unconditional love, and the first step is to see where I still place conditions on others. I see my opportunity for growth.

Speaking of opportunities, I also see how I tend to consider someone else ‘wrong’ when they fall short of my standards or expectations.  Yes, I’m still doing that, and it has a high price.  I won’t find any peace getting hung up on judging others.  More opportunity for growth!

Crows also represent the void, that place from which all possibility emerges.  Coming from expectation or judgment, I create limits: this way or that, my way or yours, now or later.  I choose in this moment to return to the void and infinite possibilities.

Last but definitely not least in my ‘aha moments, I see that I am still hoping (expecting?) others to fulfill my needs.  It’s easier to hope someone else will take away the pain than it is to feel it, comfort myself through it, and listen to hear and give myself what I need.  Sometimes what I need may be that friend I can count on, yet I have had that every single day.  Allowing the transitioning of relationships in and out of our lives is also a sometimes painful but powerful part of this journey.  I choose to be grateful for all that is exactly as it is, and for the awareness to see that and be thankful for always having more than I need of everything!

Life is a mirror reflecting to me exactly where I am in my journey as I see and feel my vibration matched and manifested all around me.  Those who are no longer here are simply in a different place getting what they need to experience for their own soul journey.  I now choose to love them where they are and to see and appreciate all that is here right here and now.    I am grateful to the crows for reminding me to embrace change, allow myself to become more unconditional in my journey of love, and to step more fully into the void of possibility.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Practitioner, & Founder

Journey of Possibilities ~ Holistic Spirituality

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