meditation-163586_640One aspect of meditation is to slow down your thoughts enough to “see” your thoughts. Being able to see your thoughts will give you the ability to change your life through the concept of the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction follows a simple physical principle that is applied in nutrition. That principle is “you are what you eat”. Applied to the Law of Attraction the principle becomes “you are what you think”. Think wonderful thoughts and wonderful events will come into your life. Think that everybody is horrible then you will only see the horrible parts of life.

Meditation is the method used to see your thoughts. Since meditation is not easy I have listed 4 simple steps to help you move through the process.

Proper Posture – On the one hand meditation can be done in any position. But there are certain things that happen during meditation that are enhanced by proper posture. The first thing to consider is staying awake. Since you are producing a state of extreme relaxation the most likely outcome, from a rushed and hectic life, is to fall asleep. But with that aside meditation will let energy (chi) flow through your body. The energy follows certain paths and a seated upright position is the most enabling for this energy flow.

Proper Breathing – Another reason for proper posture is that many meditation methods have a breathing component. Not only is there breath control involved but there are certain visualization that go along with the breath. The most common visualization is that on the inhale through the nose to see the breath come in through the nose, travel up over the head, down the back and up the front of the body to the stomach area. On the exhale to see the breath rise up from the stomach area up the chest and out of the nose.

Proper Attitude – Meditation is a process of refinement that cannot be rushed. An attitude of calm expectation is needed to progress. If you become annoyed or angry at the speed of your progress then rest assured your progress will become even slower. Since one of the goals of meditation is to calm the mind then an angry or agitated mind will only stand in the way of the desired goal.

How to Concentrate – The most often given advice on how to meditate is to simply let your thoughts go. To just watch them and not to follow them. Which is very difficult. We have a great tendency to follow our thoughts into long stories until we forget completely about the act of meditating. An easier way to help slow down our thoughts is to concentrate on something. Imagine sitting on the edge of a lake at night and a full moon is clearly reflected in the lake. Keep your thoughts focused on the reflection until you can hold the image without there being any ripples in the water.

Simply follow these 4 steps and you will be on your way to changing your life in ways that will be predictable and controlled by you.

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