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Should We Still Create Vision Boards to Manifest Our Dreams?

For years I have advocated creating vision boards as powerful manifestation tools.  I have manifested everything from trips to Peru and Colorado to living room furniture to a healthier lifestyle through the images I have featured and meditated upon in my vision boards, and continue to use them to expand my life personally and professionally.  My best friend Jeanie also sparked the idea of incorporating feng shui principals to design more balance into my visioning and daily life.  I continue to offer live group and  FREE online individual/group vision board workshops, too.  That said, I see benefits and challenges to using vision boards.

Benefits of using vision boards are numerous.  In the process of creating the board itself with the intention to balance our lives, we quickly recognize before our eyes where we focus most of our energy and where we neglect ourselves.   Those sparsely filled spaces within the feng shui design invite us to consciously restore balance and bring more energy to those aspects of ourselves and our lives.


Vision boards also slow us down as we set aside time and space to dream and put those dreams onto paper, something we do too seldom in our busy adult lives.  As we place them in a place and commit to revisiting them daily to pay attention to our dreams, we move the energy of those dreams into the material world and our lives.    Used spiritually, we invite Source to work through us to manifest these dreams into our lives in the best possible ways.

Sometimes, vision boards show us how small we dream!  I have had moments of clarity in which I see something on my board, realize I have the means to make that happen right now, and once I’ve brought it into my reality, wonder why I didn’t do that sooner. .


As for disadvantages of vision boards, I also see that when we focus on the dreams of our vision boards, we can easily miss the magic that appears along the journey to their manifestation.  As Abraham-Hicks teaches, the joy of manifesting is experiencing the entirety of the manifestation process, not merely savoring the end result.  How often have we wished so long and hard for something only to find ourselves on to the next thing mere hours or days after it has come into our lives?  Marveling at the process and spending time in gratitude is where the real joy lies!!

Another disadvantage is limiting our dreams to our posterboards.  The more I follow Divine guidance and live in the moment, the less need I feel to show the Universe what I want and what that looks like.    I find that now I focus more on what I love and savoring those feelings, and the Universe gives me more of that.  Furthermore, I savor and delight in the where/what/when/how of its unfoldment.   I am welcoming possibilities I never even imagined to put on a vision board!

So, should we still be creating vision boards to manifest our dreams?  Not to be too ironic, but it really doesn’t matter.  I believe as humans we move through different states of being.  When we seem to lack all clarity and direction as to what we want, a vision board is a great exercise to spark creativity and passion.  When we are in the flow and savoring life, we can instead merely focus on what we love and know that more of that will appear.  Both ways are effective.  The real question is where we are at in this moment and what will best serve our alignment with our Divine possibilities!   If you want a vision board workshop, don’t hesitate to contact me or try my free online workshop.

With much love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Coach, Practitioner, & Community Builder
Founder, Journey of Possibilities featuring Exploring Possibilities weekly podcast, and our holistic quarterly digital magazine

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