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Are You Shining By Proxy?

swan-10410_640We know we came here to help others heal, and doing so brings us great joy!  Some call us Lightworkers.  Whatever you call it, this is a beautiful path that comes with paradoxical twists.  For example, as we bring Light to another person’s inner dungeons and help them heal, they reflect back to us where we have our own work yet to do.  Why else would we attract that?

Often when we feel (maybe even unconsciously if we aren’t fully present) our own similar pain, anger, and fear triggered, we choose to carry on healing others with our skills and gifts rather than going deeper into our own healing work.  My mentor Oge Okosieme calls that “shining by proxy.”

Instead, we can take the time to go within and honor our inner child.  By listening, feeling, and comforting that inner self, we will continue healing and growing.  We then stand in a place of deeper and deeper authenticity as a beacon for others to see what is possible and seek our help getting there.

We may see ourselves as being here to serve the world.  As noble as that can feel, it’s a martyr illusion to escape healing and loving ourselves at a deeper level.  Doing the latter will attract people who are committed to doing the same and we can begin to make a much stronger impact on the world.  We can share our knowledge and experiences to expand the Light rather than shifting it off of us and onto others.

Vulnerable authenticity is not something to achieve and move on.  This is a moment-by-moment journey into the strength of living a heart-centered life.  To learn more on this, you may wish to join me in reading Daring Grately by Brene Brown.

Being a Lightworker is about growing the Light one soul at a time.  The soul we are here to heal first and always is our own.

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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