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Shifting Perspective to Create a New “Normal”

sakura-712299_960_720What if we looked at saying ‘no’ to someone else as saying ‘yes’ to ourselves?

What if we let ourselves feel really good about living our truth in every moment instead of sacrificing ourselves to please others?

What if we said what we really need and want to say, even and especially the difficult stuff, with all the kindness we have, rather than stuffing our feelings to keep someone else happy?

What if we paid more attention to all the wonderful people and events in our lives and less attention to the other stuff?

Personally I find that the less pleasant aspects of my life begin to disappear with these shifts in perspective.  Difficult conversations become easier.  More happy occurrences fill my days than unhappy ones.  I feel more peace the more I respect and love myself and live my truth.  Those who aren’t aligned or don’t respect me seem to either learn to respect me as I am or they fade away…and either way, I am happier.  Not in an in-your-face, like-it-or-leave-it rebellious way of being, but in a gentler, peaceful, lasting way.

It’s a journey to break any habit, and I slip back into old patterns.  The funny thing about that is the more I practice shifting my perspective in these ways, the less “normal” the old ways feel and I catch myself quicker.  I’m actually creating a new “normal”, a happy normal. How about that?

With love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Founder

Journey of Possibilities

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