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Shattering Our Illusions

Let’s play a quick mind game.  Think of a situation in your life right now that you would most like to resolve.  It doesn’t matter whether it is a relationship or circumstance and whether it is business or personal.  Have you got one clearly in your mind?  Good.  Now think about all the various ways you’ve considered that situation might be resolved.  Don’t limit it to what is feasible, or what you think is most likely.  Anything you’ve considered may be a solution, however desirable or dreadful, is fair game here.  Are you still with me?  Great!  Now I invite you to recognize that God has solutions we have never and would never consider.  God has solutions that we can’t even conceive of existing in our limited capacity, no matter our degree of intelligence and spirituality.  We call these miracles.

The better I become at letting go and letting God have every aspect of my life, the more miracles appear.  I have most recently begun to truly release some childhood issues I’ve been actively working on for years.  These include messages like, “You know there’s no money for things like that”, “take what you can when you can because it may not be there later”, “we can’t take too many risks because that’s just being foolish”, and so on.  When my Spirit moves me, instead of internally debating about it, I’ve begun taking bigger risks and giving my fear to God.  When it arises, I consciously breathe in Faith and breathe out fear.  I breathe in Adventure and breathe out boredom.  I breathe in God and breathe out control. And you know what?  I am allowing God to manifest miracles in my life that I was unconsciously blocking with all of that fear and control!!!

If we allow, God will eagerly shatter all of our illusions about what is Possible in every aspect of our life!  The best we can imagine still diminishes all that is possible in God’s Imagination.   Think again of that problem that is heaviest on your heart.  Now breathe in faith, breathe out doubt.  Breathe in God and breathe out control.  Breathe in Love and breathe out fear.  Breathe in Divine Healing and breathe out sickness.  Breathe in Abundance and breathe out lack.  Breathe in Miracles and breathe out worries.  Pray for the answer and then get/stay out of the way to allow Divine Possibility.  Please let me know how this works for you.

Sheryl Sitts
Your Founder & CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer)
Journey of Possibilities

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