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Setbacks: What If They’re Just Realigning Us For Greater Success & Happiness?


It seems like no sooner than I had declared that I feel my book coming through and I’m ready to write than all sorts of radical setbacks occurred in my life… including my house flooding!  This is the second year in a row that I have committed to writing my book and things have delayed me.  Why all of the setbacks?

Have you experienced something similar?  Have you felt ready to move forward on a project, relationship, or dream only to encounter delays?  On one hand this can be very frustrating.  On the other, what if all of this is happening for us…for our benefit?

When I reflect on the past year and a half of delays, I see that I am definitely not the same person who set out to write my story.  I don’t even see my story the same way anymore, nor will I tell it the same.  What if all these occurrences have been refining me and my perspective to write an even better book?  I believe they have.

I thought I’d share this because I meet others feeling frustrated because certain parts of their lives are not unfolding in the time frame or way they would like.    The next time you feel that way, why not consider this: what if they are actually happening better than you can imagine?  What if life really is happening for you instead of to you?  (This is, by the way, now a key theme in my life and book.)

Namaste and lots of love,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Spiritual Guide &  Practitioner
Founder, Journey of Possibilities

Can I help you reframe an aspect of your life to see possibilities you cannot presently see for yourself?  I would love to help you unlock possibilities for yourself in life, love, abundance and more.  Learn more HERE!

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