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Running From the Past Blocks More Than Pain

nature-258074_640“The past belongs in the past.”

“I’m not on social media because there people I don’t want to find me.”

“I don’t want to remember the bad times.  I keep going and never look back.  Who cares? That was then and this is now.”

I too suffered trauma in my past that I didn’t want to remember.  I avoided the people and places that would evoke old fears and sorrows. I believed I was doing a good thing in protecting myself from that pain.  Who needs to re-live that?

As they say in the 12-step program, my life became unmanageable.  I was blessed to meet a holistic healer who lovingly supported me in reopening the old wounds and pain I’d spent so much of my life running from.  She helped me see the beautiful lesson at the heart of each ugly experience and its positive impact on my life.  Finally I was able to truly heal and release these experiences and then something truly magical happened. What flowed forth from behind each energy block was all the good memories I had also been unknowingly suppressing.  In every case, far more good memories and feelings had been blocked for all those years than bad ones.  I began the journey of reclaiming the totality of myself and my life, and what an amazing experience it is!

I now fully understand that healing of this nature has nothing to do with whether anyone else deserves to be remembered or forgiven.  Ultimately the real question is whether we can love ourselves enough to free ourselves, restore the flow in our bodies and with all life, and manifest to our fullest potential.  Only then do we begin to see how truly blessed and incredible we are.

In deepest love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts
Journey of Possibilities

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