Throughout the ages we have lost touch to our roots…. the sacred divine feminine has been cut out of our history causing an imbalance in our spirituality. The divine famine is a force that works in tandem with the divine masculine.  Both are forces that balance the other.

SummerGoddessIn our not so distant past there were magically powerful in-tune people that were persecuted for for their abilities to heal the sick or work magic with herbs.

Many of our goddess were turned into saints much like the Imbolc goddess Brighd.  The divine feminine is the intuition, the creative force that in Hindu is Shakti (the counterpart of Shiva the divine masculine).

Summer_BrainWe all have masculine and feminine sides to us, in the brain left (masculine) and right (feminine) the feminine in us the intuitive emotional mind has been kept at by society.  But now it is awakening and to unite the forces as a whole will create a utopian society.

In nature we tune into phases of the moon for manifestation and magic…. the same forces of Avalon.  Nature is in tune with the forces of the sacred you can see in the finite structure of patterns of leaves and in flowers.

One way to return to our heritage or sacred roots is to connect back with plants, herbs, and the magic they bestow. Every ailment under the sun has a cure with plants…whether it be essential oils, herbal teas, or organic gardens. All plants hold magic and are teachers.

Many forms of the healing arts are sacred.  Yoga is an ancient practice that tunes our temple to the divine source and ridding of old unwanted energy.  Using meditation healing practices are easy ways to cultivate divine energy in your life.

SummerAngelsDancingThe are 13 phases in the moon and the number 13 represents the goddess. Women have a sacred moon every month the blood that is shed is considered sacred to the earth and growing of the crops to many native cultures. Blood is such a powerful form of magic and worlds are birthed from the womb of life.

Women are sacred vessels a mirror for mans divinity without the divine feminine  you will not have the divine man. So basically if we are not in tune to the whole of our being we will not be whole beings.

We must clear the clutter of what any government, church, or any man says and tune back to our roots. Getting back to the natural rhythm and flows of our sacred mother.

Blessings and Love,




Summer Walters
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