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Resolutions: How to Turn Dreams into Reality in 2012 & Beyond

Getting ready for a new year?  While every moment is an opportunity to start fresh, there’s nothing like a brand new year to really inspire us toward achieving some dreams.   As with any big adventure, the sooner we start planning for our Journey, the better prepared we’ll be.  What bigger adventure could there be than life itself?  Wherever you are standing is a place of Possibility; resolve to get there!

I won’t lie to you.  I’ve only completed a handful of my new year’s resolutions in one year, but I’ve stayed on a path of progress with all of them, putting me far ahead of where I’d be if I hadn’t resolved.  Some take more than one try!  I quit smoking 1/1/96, 1/1/97, and finally forever 1/1/98.  I finally enrolled in college 1/1/99, finishing in 2002.  I opened my own business 1/1/03, and in 1/1/12 I am launching a vastly improved version of that vision after overcoming fears to take the GRE and enter grad school 1/1/09…from which I graduate this week.

Research shows that writing down goals significantly increases our likelihood of achieving them.  December is an excellent excuse to pause and assess our current position in life.  Define new directions and resolve to pursue and achieve them.  Meditation helps us tap into our highest and best Life, and I encourage you to write down the visions you obtain there.  It’s fun to find these later and realize that everything resolved has come to pass.

Have fun with it!  Make your list on a poster and surround it with images to help you see success.  This will be a fun reminder year round.

Success is not accidental; it is planned.  Big dreams come through baby steps.  Break down the big visions you may receive into small steps, working backwards when that’s easier, to define a path that leads from the present to your goal.  Don’t worry if you have unclear stages; God will provide answers in perfect time.

Most importantly, surround yourself with others who have mutual passions and positive energy, then encourage one another habitually.   Together you’ll reinforce great ideas, improve mediocre ones, and energize each other’s Journeys, especially in the times where we grow impatient for results.

I have my poster board and I’ve already begun my list with ways to grow my Faith, honor my body, explore new relationships, and grow my business.  What exciting paths lie ahead for you next year?  Start with a blank canvas and design your year.  Get ready: 2012 is going to be INCREDIBLE!


Sheryl Sitts is Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer of Journey of Possibilities

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