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Relationship Between Food and Spiritual Awakening

its-complicatedThat’s just how I feel about my relationship between food and spiritual awakening: it’s complicated!  We are the ones fortunate enough to be incarnated here during this time of mass spiritual evolution, getting to experience our planet’s transformation.  How cool is that?!  The catch is that we have to heal and clear our emotional and physical blocks and begin living in ways that allow our bodies to handle the shifting energies.  Food plays a big role in that and changing habits takes time.

As someone who must have signed up for the Deluxe Life Experience this time, I’ve found all sorts of coping mechanisms for the pain.  The original was sugar which they put it in my baby bottle when they took me from my birth mother.  I’ve always known how powerfully sugar medicates and overrides negative feelings, though later I also (ab)used cigarettes, drugs, drinking, shopping, sex, and whatever would help me avoid feeling.

On the holistic path, I’ve healed many deep hurts and most of that behavior has ended.  However, sugar remains.  As much as I enjoy feeling my vibration raise and living in a place of happiness and strength, I find that when things overwhelm me and I feel sad, lonely, or scared, I reach for sugar until I snap out of it and deal with what’s happening.

I’ve been too stubborn to let go.  Also these Frankenfoods filled with sugar and white flour are, as Oprah says, as hard to quit as crack!  Feeling judgment around nutrition and weight from society, the media, and passersby only solidifies my stubborn resistance.  I tell myself I’m human and don’t have to be perfect as my inner child digs in her heels and refuses to budge.  As I vascilate between moments of deep spiritual growth and eating sugar, my vibration goes up and down like a yo-yo.

Recently I finished one of the most powerful books ever read called Lifting the Veil of Duality.   Andreas Moritz, who’s written many fabulous books on healing our bodies, re-framed all of this for me.  Moritz explained matter-of-factly that we can either eat better and open our bodies to the higher frequencies now coming through or we will get sick and leave the planet, ending our physical participation in this shift.  No judgment.  Just facts.  In every moment we choose, so what’s to resist?  It’s a choice and those are the consequences of each alternative.  Keep doing what I’ve always done and die sooner, or change my habits and live longer.  Die sooner and miss all of this?  No way!

Granted Moritz’ statement is not rocket science, yet there is something empowering about laying out the facts without all the shoulds and oughts that induce guilty surrender or resistance.  In a more objective light, I can easily see how blessed I am to have lived half my life diving into the full range of human experiences and can now experience shifting into new behaviors and higher vibrations I’ve never felt before.  There’s nothing that feels like deprivation there and I can easily choose these new life experiences over indulgence in sugars and starches. My habits are changing already, yet believe me when I say I will still enjoy a piece of pie on Thanksgiving or some delicious Southern peach cobbler for my birthday!   After all, we are what we usually do.

I know that until we heal emotional trauma that blocks the energy flow in our bodies and creates dis-ease, all the medicine, nutrition, and exercise in the world won’t make us well.   Our bodies are evolving manifestations of our emotional and mental state, and once those are well we can find all we need to heal and love ourselves well in Mother Earth and our own miraculous, Divinely-created bodies.  “The shift” is within our bodies first, for the planet merely reflects our inner collective consciousness.   Exploring that Journey of Possibilities is the ultimate experience!

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Founder

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