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Putting Ourselves Last is No Longer An Option: How to Make That Shift

Parents, leaders, bosses, spiritually inspired givers, volunteers, public servants, Lightworkers, healers, teachers, social change agents…

Whether we were raised with the noble guidance to help others or simply born with that in our hearts, we have a tendency to focus so much on helping everyone else that…I’m going to be blunt:  we take crappy care of ourselves!  We put ourselves last on our calendars.  We tell ourselves we’ll rest when we finish the next 20 things on our to-do lists.  We defer our own satisfaction in the name of everyone and everything else.  We may do it believing it is the right thing to do and then it becomes habitual.  Make no mistake, it is a very self-destructive habit.  We are not sustainable that way.  We cannot continue in such madness and we simply must stop.

Self-love is not selfish.  I repeat (for myself and you)…self-love is not selfish.  We are here to learn to love ourselves first and from that place of fullness and joy to help others.  To give to another from our own fullness.  And to develop habits that help us stay full first.

I have been on this journey into self-love and conscious living for the past eight years.  I was on empty.  I had sacrificed everything in the name of all sorts of causes and given it all away.  I have found my way back home to myself and continue saying yes to new layers and learning to love myself in deeper ways.

If you are new to this experience, I have designed a program just for you in which I share the best of what I’ve learned about compassionately coming home to ourselves, learning to hear/confirm/trust our intuition and guidance to get our best answers to life’s questions, and how to manifest from that place of wholeness and alignment to create lives we really love!  All of this I share with you in an hour and a half of content and many great activities so you can develop habits that nurture you…because YOU are the greatest gift you will ever have to share and when you run out of yourself, there’s nothing left to give!

What is this bringing up for you?  Comment below and we’ll have a conversation about self-love and conscious living.  Remember to check out my new program HERE while it’s being offered this month at 60% off for the introductory price of just $33.33!

With love and gratitude,
Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Spiritual Speaker, Writer, & Practitioner
Journey of Possibilities Founder

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