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Patience: There’s No Getting Around It!

You who know me personally can attest I’m quite a high-energy woman!  When I set my sights on a purpose and back it with all my passion, knowledge, and energy, heaven help anyone who isn’t on board the Sheryl train!  Many people have no idea how to handle me when I get that way, and throughout my youth I believed that was just their problem.  A couple of decades into ‘adulthood’, I’ve changed my mind on that one.  If you too are someone wishing to make a difference in this world, I invite you to humor me for a moment on this one…

I have really grown to understand that the kind of lasting, powerful change many of us wish to affect on whatever cause is passionate in our heart can only occur slowly.  Quick change can feel so good for us who enjoy immediate gratification, but what a huge disappointment to discover the following week / month / year that it is gone.

I’ll admit it is challenging to wait patiently when we see any form of life suffering or dying, yet patience is exactly what is needed.  We did not create these situations, and the only hope for any of them is patient, diligent progress toward resolution.  We must transcend that feeling that we are the savior riding in to save whatever, and instead see ourselves as a part of a much larger community of like-minded, like-spirited individuals.  The real impact comes from collective unification.  Connect with fellow souls on your journey and together see a much deeper, stronger impact.  Meditate regularly and hold a strong vision of your mission achieved, so that you attract all the resources and people that will help you manifest that.  Patient, loving, committed, deep faith brings about real change…both in ourselves and in this world.

One way we can build our patience is by understanding that nothing is really wrong here.  We entered a place that is as it is, an earth school with lessons of all shapes and sizes for everyone.  If a cause is near and dear to our heart, perhaps that is a clue to the kind of karma we brought into this lifetime.  The real key to this place is to take what you like and leave the rest, and to love everyone through it.  All of us experience suffering, confusion, misguided actions, and the like.  The ones we love through these experiences with compassion and empathy transcend them to become better souls for it all, while the others get lost in the lessons.

Have a patient, persistent, and loving day, week, and life.  How?  Moment by moment, my friend, connected with others who choose a similar path.  No one is an island.


Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

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