Poems & Affirmations to Awaken the Soul

by Matt Buonocore


I’m a poet and a writer from central New York.  My work consists of affirmations, quotes and poems of the divine nature. My work tells my story, conveying each step in my journey towards personal freedom. My books are dedicated to my lovely girlfriend Alaina who helped me see my worth and grasp the meaning of unconditional love. Growing up, I always felt the call to do something beyond the norm, to follow my heart regardless of what others told me I was. Beneath everything I find myself called to put out my message, my heart-song. It’s very easy to forget that life is completely subject to each individual choice made, and these writings helped me grasp the potential of trusting my true self.

A Sunny Dream
You are the sunniest day,
I never find a cloud in your sky.
You are the open sea,
you always take my breath away.
You give me the strength to be,
and in you I’ve put my trust.
You used to be just a dream,
but now the dream’s become my life.

Believe in Love
I believe in love,
above all else,
believe in love.
You can take nothing else with you,
as nothing can be held.
Do what you love,
and use love as a compass.
Let love guide you,
and let it inside you.
But most importantly,
let it define you.

I am not a survivor,
I have not been forgotten.
I am not a lost soldier,
forgotten on the battlefield of my mind.
I can always remember my true nature,
I will never be extinguished.

Big Bang
I am grounded in my being,
I have the courage to pursue my dreams.
I am brave beyond belief,
I am the spark that ignites the flame.
I am in a constantly expanding state,
I create my universe just like the Big Bang.

I can bring light to the darkest corners of my mind,
I can release any trauma that I find.
I am the observer to every feeling and thought,
I can surrender what I believed to be true.
I can surmount any obstacle in my path,
every day is a lesson in surrendering to God.

You are the Guru of your life,
you are the one that manifests
every aspect of your life.
You have come to resurface,
you have come to serve God.
Let your life be your service,
let the divine be your guide.
Let your heart be encompassed,
let God’s love now reside.


I can allow the divine to flow through me,
I am an open channel for divine electricity.

Work of Art
You are a work of art,
expressing as a fragment
of the divine spark.
You are infinitely smart
and have the capacity
to free yourself.

Time Machine
My heart is a time machine,
I can view any place that I’ve been
through the eyes of love.
Even the darkest corners of my past
can be enlightened by this loving sight.
I can see us through the looking glass,
and we all seem oh so bright.
No judgment lives within our hearts,
in its call we all unite.

Thank you for taking a look at my work at https://linktr.ee/modern_sooth.  You can email me at [email protected]


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