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Orchid Essences, Animal Totems, and Geckos in Hair Forests

beneficial-17B-GCMGA4305_gecko_lizardRecently, my White Eagle Lodge Mother went to Scotland to learn about orchid essences,  and she’s been working with me on using them to release cellular memory of old trauma.  The particular essence she felt guided to for me was not the one I had picked for myself just browsing their site, but she is amazingly clear and accurate with me.  Her recommendation is definitely bringing me healing and awakening my dream state.

Animal totems have also become a fun and fascinating part of my journey in the past two years.  (See my prior blog entry about this phenomenon.)  Wouldn’t you know these geckos appeared in my home for the first time ever and have been coming into my room at night as I take the essences and go to sleep?  Among other things, geckos are said to help with dreaming.  Ironically, one even began spending time right above my headboard as I fell asleep…a fact that entertained and taunted the large male Maine Coon who sleeps beside me.

Orchid essences are a very gentle healer.  Just three drops under the tongue, or a spritz in the air, and one may slowly begin to feel a shift.  Over days the cumulative effects can really lead to significant shifts.  I have felt myself shift a bit each day, with the first couple of days being pretty emotional, too.  I am delighted to now begin remembering my dreams for the first time in years, and thankful to regain that lost part of myself!

As for my gecko companions, there are actually two in my house.  The one who has been spending most nights with me found himself  at my Maine Coon’s mercy tonight as a live cat toy.  When I realized what my lion-sized cat was swatting at, I yelled for him to stop!  I rushed over, but the little gecko was quite limp when I picked him up.  Was he dead? I walked over and sat down holding him, and suddenly his eyes opened larger and he began to run up my arm.  It felt really weird!  He stayed on my arm a while and then ran further up into my thick head of long, curly hair.  I could feel him moving around in there and then… nothing.

I let him relax there for a bit before I became concerned.  I tousled my hair a bit.  Nothing.  I went into the bathroom and used a hand mirror to see the back of my hair.  I lifted a few hairs, then a few more, trying to see where he went.  Finally I saw his tail!  So, I lifted a bit more hair and startled him so much as I uncovered him that he fell to the floor and POOF!

I’d heard they lose their tails when they feel threatened, and now his tail was flopping in the middle of the floor and he’d run off into my closet.  (At least I’d closed the cat outside of the bathroom!)  I retrieved the tail and disposed of it properly.  I haven’t seen the gecko yet, but his other companion came back into my room looking for him/her tonight.  Last I saw, he/she was heading for my closet.

It’s about time for my bedtime orchid essence drops and I’m on my own to dream tonight.  Did (s)he already work some magic relaxing in my hair a while?  Why didn’t (s)he feel threatened enough to drop the tail until falling from my hair after all that time?  I’d love to hear from Lightworkers or anyone who may have some insights to add.  I find this journey really fascinating!


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