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Opening Spaces for Creativity

It was my honor and pleasure to meet Ritika Arya when she came to The Woodlands, TX to speak at this event.  She is a very bright and shining Spirit with a beautiful openness and caring that drew me to her almost immediately, and I’m grateful for her friendship still.

I wanted to share her presentation with you because it provokes so many thoughts and emotions.  She touches on some important lessons here about people and how we behave independently and interact with one another.  When I am honest with myself, I have allowed the words and actions of family and both well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning others to limit what I would even consider as possible.  Such limitations do a disservice that extends far beyond our own lives, for we may never achieve….or worse, even TRY to achieve…our potential if we believe what others tell us.  The impact of such short sightedness is seldom limited to ourselves.

May the insightful truths Ritika shares here spotlight some of your own ill-serving limitations.  Consider what these youth can achieve without such fears and inhibitions, and think about the monkeys in your cage. Remember to return to nature regularly to rejuvenate yourself and your Spirit to know that you are in this world for an important Purpose.


Sheryl Sitts, Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer

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