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The Power of Living Vulnerably

Losing my mother to cancer was one of the most difficult experiences of my life.  Having just returned from my honeymoon, I went from a great emotional high to the most painful low overnight.  After the funeral, I wondered how I would return to host my call-in radio show when my boss gently advised that I simply be real and share whatever I was feeling openly at the level I was comfortable doing so.   I was so raw that it was surprisingly easy for me to drop my human concern for appearances  and be open about my feelings, specifically my intense pain and regret.  What happened next was the most healing experience of love pouring in from those I’d encouraged in prior months.  The vast and often impersonal city of Houston wrapped its arms around me as cards, letters, and calls helped me work through the overwhelming emotions I had and move on with my life.

All too often, we worry about keeping up an image or impressing others with our strength, credentials, or professionalism.  We learn to “suck it up” amidst adversity or pain, putting walls between ourselves and others.  We connect on a more superficial level while staying safely obscured.  Ironically, then we wonder why we no cannot find the deep joy or intimacy we crave, for that is the price we pay to risk nothing and remain “safe”.  Keeping others at arm’s length is an act of ego, not of spirit.

We never know what is possible when we connect with another person vulnerably and authentically with an open heart.  As I open myself more and more to what is possible in every interaction with others, miracles happen!  My life is deeper, more significant, and I see how this unlocks the potential to make dreams come true – ours and other people’s.

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