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One Simple Way to Remove Hidden Blocks and Manifest Your Heart’s Desires

swirls-18710_960_720Yesterday I had the privilege of working with one of my favorite practitioners in massage, myofacial release, channeling and akashic record reading (yeah, a light little afternoon lol).  I explored a couple of aspects of my life where I’ve been feeling stuck.  As the energy began to move, I realized that I wasn’t as clear about what I wanted like I’d thought I was!  Here’s what I mean…

I discovered that I was asking the Universe for something and then almost immediately going into doubt about what might happen when that desire was fulfilled.  I wasn’t even conscious that I was doing that, yet all that uncertainty clouded up the messages I was sending out about what I really wanted.  In essence, because of the confusion, I still didn’t know what I wanted!  As I manifested doubts, the Universe kept spinning with me in my uncertainty.  Remember, I consciously believed I’d been asking for exactly what I wanted and not getting it!

Can you see yourself in my scenario?  Are there any areas of your life where you keep asking the Universe for an experience but feel stuck: family, love, business, romance, wealth, sex, freedom, etc.?  Might you have some deeper doubts about yourself or whether this desire that you think you want is actually good for you?  Do you trust yourself and who you will become when it arrives?  Might you have some fears attached about receiving what you ask for, or some negative shadow beliefs about receiving it that are clouding your intention? (Hint:  energy work can help you access those if they aren’t readily surfacing.)

What my Guides instructed me to do is such a powerful exercise that I wanted to share it with you in case it can help you.  Bonus:  it will also help you see how clear you really are about what you believe you desire!  Here’s the guidance I received….

Make a list of EXACTLY what you want and be specific!  Review it every morning and evening.  Rewrite it every day, changing anything you wish to change, however small in detail, until it truly is exactly what you want.  Once you have your list exactly the way you want it and have written the identical list for 30 days, you are done.   

Breaking this down teaches us so much about manifestation!

  1. Clarity is key!  If we leave anything vague, it is like being adrift on the ocean.  “Going with the flow” without asking to go anywhere in particular means we may or may not enjoy where the ocean takes us.
  2. Trust that whatever path ensues will lead us to our heart’s desire and surrender as to how we get there.
  3. Consistently hold a clear intention day after day to powerfully communicate our exact desires to the Universe.
  4. As with any powerful goal-setting, write down our desires to strengthen our message and resolve.
  5. The emotions and sensations that arise in creating this list amplify the energy of attraction!

What I know is that we are always creating our own reality out of exactly what we believe, not just what we wish for.  May this help you in some area that you have been feeling frustrated or confused.  I have my list and it’s Day 1 of laser-focused communication with the Realm of Possibility.  How exciting!

Namaste and much love,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA Speaker/Broadcaster, Writer & Facilitator

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