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One Magic Question That Changes Everything

winter-273407_1280A couple of years ago I rented out a room in my home to a man who was relocating, and he turned out to be a pretty powerful life coach.   In the months that followed he really changed my thinking (thus my life) in some profound ways.  One question in particular gets me through the most frustrating moments with much more ease and growth.

When something happens “to us”, we tend to react in any number of emotional ways, many of which do not serve to move us forward as we can get stuck in them.  Once we are stuck, it can take a while to shift forward because that place where we get stuck starts to feel comforting somehow.

Now when something happens “to me”, of course I have an emotional reaction (we did come here for a human experience, right?), but pretty quickly these days I will ask myself, “what would be the benefit of this happening ‘for me’?”

Packed within that powerful little question is an assumption that life happens for our benefit and growth, that life happens for us, and that everything can have a positive consequence if we look at things from that perspective.  It also shifts our perspective from the assumption that there’s anything wrong, or someone/something else needs to change, and presupposes a dynamic Universe in which all things are working together for an eventual good.

Next time you find yourself overwhelmed by a circumstance, or even just mildly frustrated and asking yourself, ‘why me?’, try asking, What would be the benefit of this happening for me?’  Try it!  What have you got to lose, right?  Let me know how this works for you!

Much love and Light,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Founder

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