Have you ever taken the time to wonder why you pray for what you pray for?  Do you find yourself praying for things material in nature?  Money; On the Wings of a Prayereither for more or enough?  Health emerges frequently as a prayer; either to return it to what is “normal” or create something that again resembles what was once perceived as “normal”.  What about times you allow yourself to pray for help, assistance, or guidance? To be open, vulnerable and authentic in giving yourself the permission to know deep within yourself that yes, in this moment help would be welcome.  During times of extreme stress have you perhaps found yourself wishing to either metaphorically or physically asking to die just so you could escape the perceived pain? What unconscious recordings do you continue to play that allow you to continue whispering the internal arguing for your need to be right, in control and allow others to be wrong and defend their position against your being right?  How does this serve you to your best and highest good?  When you reach the end of your agreed upon time here in the physical, do you believe it will matter if you were right or wrong?  Or that you came instead from a place of being open, loving and giving; being in service for the entire greater good?  It has been noted that while in meditation, this is our opportunity to receive answers to the prayers we have prayed.  That grace comes to us in these moments of silence because we are allowing the opening to hear and receive instead of to speak and ask or in some instances demand what we think we need. When we are constantly in a state of chatter and being busy we tend to block  the guidance and information we receive.  We are not living in the moment, but rather living in the past or the future and in fact not taking full advantage of our own lives.

While engaged in a number of trainings for personal development and self expansion one of the exercises that was given seemed rather bizarre the first time it appeared in my world.  Write your own obituary.  EXCUSE ME?!  Take time to sit down, examine the events, highlights, low lights and everything in between; view them objectively as if you were writing the article for someone else.  Really, looking at the things that begin to stir up strong emotions within you, and get to know that these are areas that require some attention in the form of release, forgiveness or strengthening of your personal buttons that are being pushed.  If what you see is less than desirable, and would not want these words used to describe your life when you can no longer change them; embrace this opportunity to change it all NOW; in this very second.  OR would it serve you and those remaining after you have transitioned to remember the things you find less than your best?  I challenge and encourage you to be courageous and confident in yourself to take this writing assignment on.

Author’s Bio:

Faye has trained in the healing arts of Massage, Reiki, Aroma Therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Queen of stress and headache removal, Raw/Fresh Foods, 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, Prime Age/Senior Yoga Training, World Works Personal Development and Leadership Training, Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Coach Training. As an ordained minister, Faye approaches her work as a healing ministry;  teaching people how to change their negative patterns, personal limitations and interpersonal conflicts that inhibit progress.  She operates A Kneaded Escape.  For more visit https://akneadedescape.com or call 732.895.5926.

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