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Oil Pulling for Beginners (Includes Homemade All-Natural Toothpaste Recipe)

A month ago I began daily oil pulling.  Like most things, it takes me a few weeks of dabbling before full commitment settles in.  I began this spring, and now I can finally say I oil pull.  I have learned some lessons beginning this that I feel guided to pass along to others just starting this journey.  As with all things, if it resonates with you, take it to your Higher self for confirmation and guidance.  It’s just my experience.

Which oil?  I began my journey with organic coconut oil and I personally didn’t care for the flavor and texture first thing in the morning, which is when most advise doing this practice. I changed to organic sesame oil and have really enjoyed the lighter flavor and texture.  Sesame oil is also what is used in the Ayurvedic oil-pulling practice of origin.

What time?  Most advise first thing in the morning.  As a coffee lover, this takes some getting used to, but since bacteria have a field day in our mouths while we sleep, it is the best time.  I do it while I’m making my coffee setup, feeding the cats, etc. and it’s over quickly.  I follow oil pulling with a 12 oz glass of water and fresh lemon to refresh both my mouth and my dehydrated body after sleeping all night.

For how long?  Advice ranges from 5 to 20 minutes.  I settled into a routine of 10 to 15 minutes.  Again, staying busy while doing it helps the time pass more quickly.  I also had to work up to that length of time as my mouth got tired initially.

What else is helpful to know starting out?  I wrote this to share some less commonly discussed things about oil pulling that were part of my experience.

  1. Be careful with your plumbing.  Owning a country home with its own septic system, I’m much more aware of this than when I was younger living in apartments.  Please spit your oil in the trash, not down the drain.  It will clog pipes, septic systems, etc.
  2. Prepare for some possible pain and swelling.  Into my 2nd and 3rd week, my back teeth began to hurt a lot, and my gums began to swell.  I was prepared to visit the dentist the following Monday when I researched online and discovered others who had similar experiences when oil pulling.  I meditated, dowsed about it, and was guided to wait a few days and continue as I had been.  In addition, I began doing energy work to alleviate the pain (Reiki and an expanded Pranic Healing system called Energy Renual) which was so effective I needed no pain medicine of any kind.  I continued oil pulling throughout and using my homemade toothpaste when I brushed (RECIPE BELOW).  Within five days, all pain and swelling was gone.  Then I understood:  as with any detoxification, oil pulling brings forth whatever is ready to be released and healed. This is not medical advice: consult your Higher self and seek dental treatment when you feel guided.
  3. Whitening is an added bonus!  Many oil pullers tout the added benefits of whiter teeth after oil pulling.  As if we need one more reason to do something so helpful for our teeth and gums?  It may not have been long enough to notice much whitening yet, though I perceive slight changes.  (My results would likely improve if I didn’t drink coffee…ah but I do love coffee!)

brush-18729_960_720ALL NATURAL TOOTHPASTE RECIPE:  Mix equal parts of organic coconut oil and Redmond Clay, an amazing detoxifier.  Slowly add drops of water to desired consistency, then flavor with your choice of mint, cinnamon, or other essential oil and stevia.  This also has an oil base, so please spit into the trash when you finish as with oil pulling to protect household plumbing/septic.

I hope this article is helpful to you.  Comment below with other questions, insights, and experiences.  We’re all in this together!

With love and gratitude,

Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Founder

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