candle-11442_640We have often seen those remembrance candles, looking pretty as they are placed at graves or at other memorials. There are hundreds of parents, relatives, and friends who are looking for an occasion to remember their deceased loved ones. Together they join hands and light remembrance candles at those special ceremonies. Lighting a candle to nor the memory of their loved is one of the best ways to show you love. One often comes across special services that are either held at a church or at a private service.

Different Candles
It is no surprise to see a rising demand of those remembrance candles and one will come cross a huge variety and styles. Available in all shapes, color and sizes, these are getting more ornamental than before.  They are even scented and one can get personalized messages engraved on these candles. It is very easy to shop for them just go on web and type in personalized memorial candles in your favorite search engine and you will find hundreds of stores selling these candles, as per your demand and customization. One can get the picture of their loved one imprinted on this candles or simply display his or her name.

The Ceremony of Lighting Remembrance Candles
Today, the services for memorial and remembrance are getting more organized and sophisticated. Genially, these ceremonies are professionally organized and there is a designated person who takes care of all the arrangements. Candles are ordered beforehand, and according to the number of guests expected. These candles are generally placed on the table with a picture of the deceases or loved one. The ceremony starts with prayers and kind words for the loved one.  Every guest will take the candle and then light it in the loving memory. These candles can be placed along the walks or in the garden or even in the cemetery where the loved one is buried.  Many people even organize for a power point presentation to share more information about their loved ones while the candles are being lit

How To Organize a Candle Lighting Ceremony
Memorial candle lighting ceremonies have becoming very popular and are a great way to remember your loved ones with those remembrance candles. It is not difficult to organize such a ceremony and one can even look for personalized memorial candle so as to make things even more special. Here are some easy to follow steps in order to organize the ceremony.

  • The first step is to pick the right candles as well as the design and looks that are to be lit during the ceremony. There are popular comforting scents like lavender. In case you are not looking for any particular color, you can still get scented candles without color. Tapered candles are quite popular and generally they are white and unscented.
  • One can think about the poem, passage or quote that is to be read as the guest start lighting the candles. The loved ones can express a few words in the loving memory of their loved one.
  • Pick the right spot for the ceremony to be held. It could be a private place or a church Just make sure that there is a central focal point where all guests can see the candles as well as the picture of the loved one.
  • Take a table and decorate it with flowers and place the picture of your loved one on it. One can place the candles on the table.
  • It is essential to spend some moments with each of the attendees and remember the deceased in silence

Take a few moments to have everyone at the ceremony watch the candle burn and remember the deceased in silence. If you prefer, a prayer can be said prior to this. Once the ceremony is over one can blow out all the candles. Lighting remembrance candles for those relatives and friends who have passed away is a gracious way of remembering them and express your feeling for them. Look for personalized memorial candles to make the vent even more special

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Light those Remembrance candles in the loving memory of your loved one. Get personalized memorial candles to make the ceremony even more special.

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