throatThroat cancer is one of the cancers which occur in the throat. This is disease is found with different names like vocal cord cancer, throat cancer, laryngeal cancer, cancer of the glottis. This is the cancer which is found in both men and women.

The throat cancer is the cancer which appears in the upper part of the throat. It is the cancer which appears in the throat that is vocal cords, voice box (larynx), or other areas of the throat. This cancer spreads not only occurs in the other parts of the throat also. This is cancer which can occur in both men and women. This cancer involves the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that have mutated from normal tissues. This growth can kill when these cells prevent normal function of vital organs or spread throughout the body, damaging essentials systems.

This throat cancer has some alternate names like vocal cord cancer, laryngeal cancer, cancer of the glottis, cancer of the pharynx, vocal cord cancer and others. This cancer as it occurs to the throat and the parts related to it so it is named after it. This cancer also occurs when the normal cells undergo a transformation whereby they grow and multiply without normal controls. This cancer involves tumors on the tonsils, vocal cords, voice box (larynx) and at the base of the tongue.

The main cause for the exposure for this cancer is the consumption of the tobacco that plays a significant role in many of the cases. The causes for this cancer are the heavy smoking of cigarettes, chewing tobacco, excessive use of alcohol is also one of the causes for its occurrence. But if the man is addicted to both smoking and consuming alcohol then he is at higher risk of getting the disease. But this is more occurred in men than women. This disease can occur to any age but mainly occurs to the age group who is above 45 of age. This can be controlled with herbal products Some of the other factors for the occurrence of this cancer are the enlargement of the thyroid gland called chronic goiter. This cause may be due to the radiation exposure and the family history of cancer or the genetic predisposition.

The symptoms of the hoarseness, sore throat, neck pain, difficulty in swallowing, swelling in the neck, unintentional weight loss, cough, coughing up blood, abnormal breathing sounds, numbness or the paralyses of the muscles in the face, swelling of the jaw, shortness of breath, chest pain and many other reasons also. This cancer also has some of the common symptoms like fever, chills, night sweats, weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, malaise.

The above symptoms are not to be considered as a serious one as these may also be the causes for some of the common health upsets also. But if the person is adult then he has to undergo a medical checkup and have a take care of his health.

The signs and tests can be done when an examination of the neck and the throat may show the cancer of the throat. The symptom may appear bloody or lump on the throat which appears on the outside of the neck. Biopsy and the analysis of tissues that appear abnormal may conform the presence of the cancer tumor.

If you experience any of the above throat cancer symptoms it is advised that you see your healthcare provider for a more thorough check so the proper diagnose and treatment can be apply in the initial stage.

The best way of preventing this cancer is to quit smoking and preventing the consumption of tobacco. Many cancers can be prevented by avoiding risk factors such as excessive exposure to sunlight and heavy drinking. We should cultivate a habit of taking healthy diet that is the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. Keeping the health fit by doing the exercises, meditation, yoga asanas, cultivation of morning jog or walk, having the nutritious food in the diet, protecting ourselves from bad atmosphere may make us to be free from the diseases also.

Some people at high risk for developing certain cancers can take medication to reduce their risk. But yet the treatment must be aimed at destruction of the cancer and prevention of its spread to other parts of the body. The treatment of the cancer depends on certain issues like the age of the patient, general health condition, the size of the tumor, extent of the cancer and others.

This is the cancer which may be found at its advanced stage. So it is an urge need that the patient should be careful while choosing the correct physician for his treatment. This treatment is aimed at destruction of the cancer and prevention of spread of the cancer to the other parts of the body. The earlier it is diagnosed the earlier it is treated.

Treatment is aimed at destruction of the cancer and prevention of spread of the cancer to other parts of the body. The earlier throat cancer is diagnosed, the better the prospect of recovery. If the treatment is not given then it can grow and can cause to death. So it is better to get treated at its initial stage. The treatment needs long term recovery but if have a hope of conquering it then you can have it. You should be mentally firmed and be prepared to achieve in curing it.

The people who come to our center have a hope of curing the disease and becoming healthy. We support you with this attitude of yours as we use the alternative supplements which are natural and cure the disease with no side effects with miraculous improvements in your health condition. We make you feel ease and get away from your suffer.

About the Author: Dr Jack is a Conventionally Trained Western Medical Doctor from India and fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). He is also trained in traditional supplements since the age of 5 years to practice complimentary alternate supplements.
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