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New Moon Coffee Chat: New Layers of Authenticity Invite You to Live Your Truth More Fully!

This new moon and solar eclipse are bringing in some strong energy, and you are being guided to live your truth more fully than ever before.  Are you going within to discern what is true for you and what is not, or are you letting society and “the experts” decide for you?  Are you embracing the totality of yourself or are you living smaller than your truth…even if it’s to be more mainstream and accessible for others?

We are here to open our hearts and discover/live our truth.  The truth is not “out there” anywhere. Trust your internal truth compass to continue guiding you along your soul’s journey and enjoy the journey!

When I went to Peru and began working with ayahuasca and sacred plant medicines in ceremony, I somehow still thought I could come home and integrate back into mainstream society.  The veil was ripped back and I was awakened powerfully, spiritually, galactically, every way one can be awakened, I think.  I still wanted to come back home and fit in.  <laughing> Fit into what?  A better question might be, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  Thank you, Dr. Seuss.

Truths are bubbling up in you that want to be acknowledged in all of us.  You are not alone!  That person next to you pretending to have their shit together is experiencing the same thing and just waiting for an excuse to explore it.  Expand into the greater expression of yourself, enjoy your life, and know that if you live through the heart in this present moment, your journey will flow perfectly following your Divine guidance.  If you want help, my new self-study program (click HERE to check it out) is designed to help you and it’s just $33.33 this month!

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In gratitude,
Sheryl Sitts, Holistic Spiritual Broadcaster, Speaker, Writer & Practitioner
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