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Mothers Wanting Daughters to be Happy, Daughters Wanting Mothers to be Happy

danceWhy do we mothers “sacrifice our own happiness for our children” until we have no lives of our own and our children feel so smothered they can’t express their own uniqueness and create their own lives? Why do we daughters “sacrifice our own happiness” trying to help Mom find her happiness and ultimately rebelling to make a mess out of our own lives in frustrated resentment?

The alcoholic/addict/codependency dance that drives many families will continue until one of the dance partners learns a new step.  Then everything begins to shift.  Are you stuck in this dance? Whether you are a mother, daughter, or both, you can change it all in an instant by changing your own dance steps.

Dancing to a different beat does not mean you don’t love them.  It means you are discovering the importance of loving yourself first…the only person you could ever change in the first place!  Ironically, modeling that usually causes the other to want that for herself, too.

I know this dance well, having danced it as a daughter and mother.  How can I help you shift the dance in your own family so that someone, and eventually many someones, can finally be happy?  It can all begin with you.

With much love and compassion,
Sheryl Sitts, MPA, BA, Holistic Coach & Practitioner
Founder, Journey of Possibilities ~ Shifting perspectives and expanding possibilities in a loving, light-hearted way

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