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Mother Nature as Divine Healer and Teacher

Walking with a handful of U.S. tourists behind our native guide through the Amazon rainforest to experience macaws and parrots visiting a salt lick in their native habitat was deeply moving.  As my feet navigated the trail in and out of muddy places, my legs often sank deep down into the soft earth.  Each time, I felt some of my confusion, busyness, and modern life dissolve into the forgiving soil.  With each step I felt ever more cleansed and reunified with my deepest self and truth.  What began as awkward footing soon grew in certainty until I was able to balance myself without handholds returning across the bridge pictured here.  My nerves, so frazzled that morning from lack of sleep and the painful past experiences that had arisen the night before in ceremony, were now steady. I felt rooted in this place.

Divine Light and energy entered through the top of my head and flowed so easily down through every area of my body, including my midriff (cleared the prior night after almost four decades of being blocked by emotional trauma).  Energy flowed through my body, down my legs, and out my feet into the earth with each step.  When I felt uncertain, I had merely to pause and reground myself…like a tree rooting itself…and then I could gently proceed.  I was effortlessly aware of an ant ‘freeway’ making its way busily down the trail below me carrying leaves, and I avoided trampling them.  Moths, mosquitoes, and many other insects landed on me, honoring my silent request not to bite me and my choice not to wear poisonous repellents on my skin when visiting their home.  Birds came close and exchanged long glances with me when I was in a quiet and isolated place, distanced from the others chatting noisily, snapping their photos, and otherwise loudly disrespecting the peaceful environment.

Occasionally I reached gently to the trunk of an ancient tree, sending forth love and thanking it for steadying me along my walk. I assured each that some humans still honor and respect them and their wisdom, and thanked them for being so forgiving as we remove more and more of their kind in a seemingly insatiable appetite for consumption.  I commiserated that this is a game with no winners.

Pachamama and natives throughout South America implore us to awaken to the clarity of our irreversible planetary destruction.  They urge a more symbiotic coexistence with nature that can bring about deeper and longer lasting joy in humanity.

We cannot all board a plane to the jungle or feel this experience.   However, returning ourselves to the sights, sounds, feelings, and smells of nature is the easiest way to awaken the same awareness no matter where we are.   Within each of us is a dormant dreamer lulled unconscious by years of modern programming.  Allowing her/him to slowly awaken and hearing our deepest dreams and truths is where all hope for our future really exists.


Sheryl Sitts
Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer
Journey of Possibilities

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