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Miracles and The Healing Power of Prayer for Patients & Caregivers

LokiSherylMy dear cat Loki (shown here with me a few years ago) was diagnosed with a very sick liver this week. Since finding and bottle-feeding him as a newborn abandoned kitten 13 years ago, Loki has become one of my most amazing pets and friends ever, making this very difficult.  Of course I’m doing all I can for him, and my first step was to reach out (thank you social media) to my beautiful community of spiritual friends and Lightworker colleagues to ask for prayers and healing energy.

When someone we love grows really ill, we feel so helpless!  We often say things like, “All we can do now is pray.”

All we can do…?!  Praying and using our bodies to channel healing Light and Divine energy to one another is EVERYTHING!  I see miracle after miracle, yet still I’m surprised and amazed by our Divine power.

I believe Jesus not only came to perform miracles and elevate our faith, but to teach us by example how to perform miracles ourselves.  We are more powerful than we can imagine, and the key to that power, gifted us by grace, is to channel our faith prayerfully and surrender our thoughts and bodies as Divine tools for healing.  This is how miracles happen!

The whole metaphysical realm is manifestation of this in action.  I use my hands in reiki to channel powerful healing Light and love into blocked and sick places in the body and mind.  The Bible says where two or more are gathered together, God is there too.  Since we know time and space are illusions, all we need to do is focus our energy in a mutual direction and this dynamic unfolds. When my network of friends and “Lightworkers” focus their love and energy in a specific direction, WOW!

I mentioned caregivers in the title of this blog because of another very important lesson I’ve realized this week.  Last year, Loki’s vet told me that he’s a senior citizen of his breed (something about giantism limiting life span) and I shouldn’t anticipate having him around too much longer.  I began subconsciously trying to prepare myself for losing him.  This week as the emergency room solemnly gave their prognosis, I really sank into not expecting him to pull through.

caregiverAs caregivers, when we buy into the stories told to us by well-meaning doctors, relatives, genetic history, etc., however unconsciously, WE limit our patient’s lifespan and the capacity for miracles.  Caring for someone and smiling on the outside while inside feeling fear and sadness just doesn’t work.  They pick up on our true energy and believe what we really believe.  It finally hit me, who are these people to write his story?

We’re all human and get caught in traps like this, and it then becomes so important that we have surrounded ourselves with others who help us remember our truth and Who we really are!  My beloved friends and dedicated healers have been sending Loki and I loving energy that has helped him heal and helped me see and clear my limiting thoughts and emotions.  No surprise, we’re both doing much better this morning.

The Truth is, none of us knows how long we have here on this Earth.  All we can do is live every single right-now moment as if it is all that matters (because it is) and manifest our Highest good as channels of love, Light, and hope.

Dedicated in deepest gratitude to you who reflect the Highest Possibility back to me on this life journey, even and especially when I need reminding the most.  Thank you for your prayers, love, and healing energy shared so freely.  You truly do make a difference!  Blessings and much love to you.


Sheryl Sitts, Journey of Possibilities

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