alaska-bear-112522_640With the rebirth of interest in esoteric knowledge in recent decades, more and more people are discovering the magic of animal medicine. The archetypes that animals have brought to life, through the stories and art of all cultures, resonate deep within us. Spirit animals (sometimes called power animals or totem spirits) are metaphysical allies that we can call on to aid us in our journey.

Contacting Your Spirit Animal

Get comfortable, and do some deep breathing to clear your mind and center yourself. Listen to the drum, and allow the rhythm to penetrate your body and mind. Feel how the drum beat resonates with the very center of your being, transporting you into a deep state of relaxed consciousness. Just take some time with this, allowing yourself to go deep.

Find yourself walking along a path. Your surroundings are your favorite place in nature, either someplace you have been before, or someplace that you are drawn to. It is peaceful here, and you feel very relaxed. Just walk for a bit, noticing your surroundings. What is this place? What are the sights, the sounds, the smells? Immerse yourself in this sacred place. Take some time with this.

After awhile, the path opens up on a clearing of some sort. Again, just notice the details.

In the center of the clearing, you notice a small pile of stones. Pick them up, one at a time. Notice their colors and textures. Place one in each of the four directions, intuiting which one goes where. As you place each directional stone, give thanks for your life, and for the energies in that direction which sustain you. Ask for the protection of the energies of that direction. Now, with your intention, state out loud, “All energies and forms that enter this space enter it for the highest good of myself and all beings.” After you have done this, go around to three of the four quarters of the circle, and place 4 more stones, creating a ring around you, all the while, carrying the intention and energy of your statement. Leave a doorway in one direction, which ever one feels appropriate to you.

Now, sit in the middle of your circle, and close your eyes. Call on your own inner strength and wisdom to give you courage and fortitude as you make this journey. You will sit here in silence until twilight. You must call on all your strength to keep from looking around you. Just be still and face any fears that come up. You are preparing yourself to call on your power animal, to guide you in future journeys, and to give you strength and help you to connect with your own wild, natural self. State this intention in your own words at this time. Now you will sit and wait.

After some time, you begin to hear a noise, something is approaching you. Without opening your eyes, see if you can identify it. Listen carefully. It is coming closer. Breathe deeply, and allow yourself to trust in the protection of the sacred space you have created for yourself.

You feel the touch of this other presence, a light, inquiring touch. You open your eyes, and find yourself looking into the eyes of your power animal. Pay very close attention now. The meeting may be long, and it may be brief. This can tell you a lot about this creature’s nature. Pay attention to any sounds, movements, actions, or communications that you notice. This is a very personal experience. Take some time. Your animal guide may have communication for you in words, or possibly just in actions or expression. Just allow it to be what it is, and try to get a feeling about what is being shown to you.

After awhile, it will be time for you to find out what you have to offer this creature in return for its guidance. Sit with this for a bit, and it may come to you. You can also ask the animal, and see what response you get. When you have discerned what this is, you will enter into a pact with this creature, promising what you have to give, in return for this one becoming your faithful guide and mentor, your liason with the natural world. Again, this is very personal. Pay close attention to all that occurs.

When the meeting seems finished, thank your animal guide, and ask if it chooses to reveal its name to you. If not, this is okay, it might another time. Go to your circle, and place the stones back in a pile, giving thanks for all the help you received and blessing the stones as you place them. Now it is time to walk back down the path, slowly returning to normal consciousness.

About the Author:  Universal Church of Metaphysics is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to assisting people in becoming knowledgeable about metaphysical concepts and discovering the true self.

Our University is a primary focus for assisting spiritual seekers in their awakening and also training teachers and healers to be efficient at their work and provide professional credentials and degrees.

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