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Maybe the One You’re Waiting For Is You

Who, Me?It’s time to tell on myself in the hope that maybe it’ll save you some time and embarrassment!   I have a way of finding an exciting new opportunity, going after it until I hit a wall, trying a few times unsuccessfully to move forward, and then interpreting my stall-out as a sign that it must not be the right time.  I continue to be involved while waiting for help to arrive, whether it be for hours, weeks, months, whatever, and grow increasingly frustrated by the delay.  Soon enough, I’ll be venting about this to a friend and describing a hypothetically ideal person to fix things, when I suddenly realize the person I’m describing is me!  I am in fact perfectly qualified to handle this, but something about it (usually that I don’t want to deal with) kept me from seeing that.

Are you being held back in your own life this way? Is there a situation in work/business, with someone you love or a friend, or with a project/hobby in which things seem to be stuck or at a stand-still?  Are you waiting for the right person to help you resolve this?  If so, state exactly what he/she would need to know to resolve this.  Then, ask yourself, “in what way might I be the one I’m waiting for here? ” Do I have skills or knowledge to work this out that I’ve been unwilling to use or express for some reason?  How could I shift the way I am looking at this to open myself to express those?

It’s a beautiful, powerful thing to realize that we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for.  Take a few minutes to savor the hilarity of that discovery.  After you’ve enjoyed a good hearty laugh at that, approach that stale situation with fresh perspective and you’ll be amazed at what you can do!


Sheryl Sitts, Chief Inspirational Officer

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