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Manifestation: My Experience in Letting Go of “How”

let-go-594531_1280Several months ago I was invited to return to the Peruvian Amazon by a medicine man I worked with before using music and healing plants.  He encouraged an 11-day intensive, assuring me that I’m now ready for this sacred plant medicine journey.  I felt waves of immense fear arise in me at the thought of an 11 day dance with powerful plant medicine in the womb of our beautiful earth.  I know that this is my medicine man, and my life partner also wants to go for this experience, so I truly told the Universe of my desires.  I asked for a path to be made for me to go if it is now for my Highest Good, also giving thanks if it doesn’t happen that my Highest Good is always unfolding in ways I can’t understand.  I even meant it!

I have worked intentionally towards this objective and even invited others along, all the while steadily raising the funds and anticipation.   My very dearest friends joined in and we now have a very special intimate group going.  All sorts of unexpected doors have opened to help create this path and yesterday I received a surprise lump-sum payment from a client with loving intentions for our wonderful trip.  What an amazing way I’m being allowed to go and also feeling the love of those in my life!

As I again watched Jim Carey’s now viral graduation commencement speech with my friend last night, I got goose bumps when he spoke about asking the Universe for the desires of our heart, doing the work, and letting go of how they will show up.  The Laws of the Universe are always working and we usually can’t begin to anticipate how they will occur.  I can’t wait for Peru next month, and will certainly share my experiences here.  They have already begun, as you can see.

Much love,

Sheryl Sitts, Founder ~ Journey of Possibilities

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